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DataArt is a Google Cloud Partner with certified architects, developers, data, security engineers and account managers on staff.

Specialization in Application Development helps us leverage GCP technologies to accompany our clients on every stage of their cloud journey.

Google Cloud Partner Application Development

Our GCP Approved Expertise

As a Google Cloud development company, we offer a wide array of services, including Google Cloud app development and modernization, cloud migration and infrastructure management, and data management and analytics.

  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Industrial Goods & Manufacturing
  • Retail & Wholesale
  • Small & Medium Business
  • Cloud Native Application Development
  • Modernize .NET Applications
  • Modernize Legacy Applications
  • New eCommerce app development
  • Microsoft on Google Cloud
  • Streaming Data Analytics
  • Google Cloud Analytics
  • Google Cloud App Dev & Monitoring
  • Google Cloud Compute
  • Microsoft Azure

DataArt GCP Software Development Services

As a GCP Partner, DataArt has experience with a broad variety of GCP tools and technologies, backed by hundreds of completed projects. For years, we have been assisting our clients in future-proofing their software solutions and leveraging scalable and secure GCP infrastructure. We offer the following services:

Application Development

Application Development

Full development lifecycle of cloud native solutions with GCP services, including GCP mobile apps development, systems with high availability, proper Disaster Recovery (DR), and serverless architecture.


Artificial Intelligence (AI): Gen AI & Machine Learning

Design and implementation of AI and ML services with AutoML, AI Platform, Tensorflow, and Data Studio. Regarding Gen AI: Text & image generation, prompt-engineering. AIOps, Large Language Models (LLMs) fine-tuning. Knowledge base chat bots development.

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Kubernetes, networking, operations optimization, DR, Software Reliability Engineering (SRE), and security.

Cloud Governance

Cloud Migration

Cross-cloud migration, migration from MS Azure, AWS, other clouds or from on-prem, containerization, automation of provisioning. DevOps practices, Infrastructure as Code, K8S GKE.

Data Management

Data Management & Analytics

Data warehousing and analytics solutions with Cloud Storage, Big Table, BigQuery & Looker (a unified BI platform). Monitoring and logging, costs optimization. Apigee for building, managing and securing APIs for any use case, environment, or scale.

Infrastructure Modernization Services with GCP

Digital transformation is currently in business agenda of many organizations across the globe. Yet, legacy platforms and workflows as well as lack of modern technological solutions in use by these organizations hamper the execution of this initiative. Google Cloud provides high levels of flexibility, reliability, and scalability for a successful digital transformation. At DataArt, we help companies transform their legacy setups into next-gen infrastructures.

We offer infrastructure modernization services with GCP solutions, bringing business value by:

Transforming virtualization

Transforming virtualization to containerization with Kubernetes and GKE

Automating operations

Automating operations, delivery, and maintenance of IT solutions

Moving infrastructure

Moving infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform

Providing infrastructure

Providing infrastructure as code using Terraform, Deployment Manager, and CloudEndure, among other solutions

Enabling DevOps culture

Enabling DevOps culture, continuous delivery, and integration

Apart from Google Cloud development services, we provide all spectrum of infrastructure-related services, leveraging GCE, GKE, VPN, Cloud CDN, Cloud DNS, IAM, and other GCP products.

Setting Up GCP Projects & GCP App Development

As a Google Cloud development company, DataArt has GCP specialists ready to assist your organization jump-start a cloud project the right way and run a feature-rich cloud app in a cost-effective and secure way.

DataArt can facilitate GCP Development and Onboarding, by creating Organization and projects structure, Governance, defining budgets and streamlining adoption with credits and promotions. Apart from using DataArt's Google Cloud Platform application development services, you can have an infrastructure contract with DataArt. Our partnership with GCP will strengthen your Governance, establishing project structure and governance, budgeting, capacity planning, billing, and monitoring.

We support Google Cloud development on any stage. DataArt offers project audits and uses solution design methodology to shape the right plan and architecture if you are just starting your journey with GCP.

Our Google Cloud Development Workflow

Infrastructure and security audit
Identification of the desired state
Proof of concept
Consultation on cost optimization
Migration design and planning

Case studies

Why Choose DataArt as a Google Cloud Services Provider

DataArt’s GCP-certified specialists have extensive experience in designing, building, and deploying versatile cloud architectures to meet your long-term business goals. On every step of the cloud transformation, we support businesses with Google Cloud Platform application development, accelerated cloud adoption, and data-driven decisions in innovative environment.

As a consultancy company, we are strongly experienced in such Google Cloud Platform development services as CI/CD integration, Google Cloud mobile app development, design and implementation of enterprise architectures and infrastructures with various compute services, like Cloud Functions, GKE, GCE, VPC, Cloud DNS, Cloud CDN.

As a Premier GCP Partner with a Specialization in Application Development, DataArt has helped many clients improve the performance of their software systems, as well as cut costs and achieve operational nimbleness.



Do you execute cross-cloud migrations?

Yes, DataArt Google cloud development company has a vast expertise in cross-cloud migrations to and from GCP. Switching to a different cloud provider can sometimes help your company avoid a vendor-lock, enhance the application performance and maximize the value of the cloud technologies. DataArt experts always leverage industry, technical, and business expertise to identify an appropriate cloud provider given the client’s unique business objectives and constraints.

How do I start using the Google Cloud at my company?

If you plan the first steps in your organization's cloud transformation, consider developing a thorough cloud adoption strategy. Sticking to this document will ensure you do not fail on the early stages of the transformation and do not make a common mistake of bringing the on-premises mindset to cloud. With the guidance of a technology partner like DataArt, your company will avoid common pitfalls in the cloud journey.

Why should I choose GCP over other cloud platforms?

Google Cloud Platform is one of the most popular cloud choices for its high security, reliability, and scalability. Whether you decide to start your cloud journey with this or other leading cloud provider, you should consider its flexibility, cost-effectiveness and compatibility with your existing tech stack. GCP is particularly famous for its security features as Google pioneered the zero trust model and put it into the core of their services.

Google Cloud Platform gives its users vast opportunities to optimize cloud spending. DataArt experts helped one of our clients to reduce the costs by more than 50% year-over-year, by enabling the company’s infrastructure to support the development roadmaps. Talk to DataArt experts who bear a strong expertise in Google Cloud development services about the benefits GCP can bring into your tech ecosystem.

How do I maximize the performance of my GCP application?

To ensure security, resiliency, high-performance, and cost-efficiency of your cloud project, you can engage DataArt GCP experts for periodic Well-Architected Reviews of cloud applications. It is recommended to conduct such reviews every 6-12 months to ensure the cloud application meets the targets in operational excellence, performance efficiency, security, cost optimization, among other important areas. Contact DataArt GCP team for more details.

How do I guarantee security of my GCP application?

For building secure infrastructure, GCP development experts suggest using Identity Access Management service by GCP. With its help, the platform operators can control any service access with a single interface. Another type of control, context-aware, is based on IP address, date/time and other variables. Fine-grained control coordinates access to certain resources. In case unwanted access is detected, the recommendation system issues alerts. And last, built-in audit trail simplifies the compliance process.

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