Case study

How DataArt Reimagined IT Staffing Strategy

In 2020 Rappi, a leading Latin American service provider, faced a complex staffing challenge: it needed to engage professionals in various technologies within 1 month to implement multiple products in different business verticals.

The company teamed up with DataArt implementing more than 20 projects with 50+ senior-level engineers hired, specialized in more than 10 technologies.



The pandemic brought about economic and labor market uncertainty, leaving service providers in the industry facing a talent and expertise shortage.

Rappi, a leading Latin American service provider, faced a complex staffing challenge. It needed to complement tech teams in different business verticals with 20 senior-level professionals in various technologies within a month.

To resolve the issue DataArt applied an Elastic IT strategy, which quickly expands or reduces technology capability, development and services without jeopardizing the ability to run and grow the business successfully. These factors were critical drivers for efficient IT staffing in terms of high uncertainty.

DataArt for Rappi: Adding Value to Every Interaction


Elastic team scaling

Summer’20 Autumn’20 Winter’21 Spring’21 Summer’21 Autumn’21 Winter’22
Team size Onboarded staff Attrition Ramped down

DataArt started hiring in early 2020 on the backdrop of a broad industry talent shortage at an intensive pace, onboarding 20 professionals within 1 month, later scaling the team up to 34 professionals. Elastic IT allowed for a flexible ramping down according to the client's business needs and maintained low attrition rates throughout the partnership.

Key Takeaways

Metric-Driven Recruiting

A sophisticated automated recruiting dashboard quickly identified continuous process improvements to maximize productivity.

Flexible Staffing — Elastic IT resources to effectively plan for extreme market conditions

Tailored Approach

Enhanced recruiting and onboarding process according to client's needs.

Automated Dashboards

Data visualization allowed for detailed progress tracking.


Why it worked

Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

Our considerable expertise in multiple domains, including Transportation, Travel & Hospitality, Retail, and Finance, lets us apply a broad skill range, unlocking the business benefits of every technology we use.

Elastic IT

Elastic IT

Meshed well with Rappi's need to quickly expand or reduce technology capability, development, and services without jeopardizing its ability to run and grow in multiple business verticals at the same time.

Dedicated Managers

Dedicated Managers

DataArt involved Delivery, Engagement, and Project Managers to lead, control, and report on the project. This ensured transparency and trust and allowed us to coordinate information flows. The result was efficient and seamless operation at every level.

Global Approach

Global Approach

DataArt operates globally, mobilizing staff from different countries based on their professional skills. We create a credible basis for a cultural match, enabling local, high-quality staffing and team building.

DataArt’s Philosophy

DataArt’s Philosophy

DataArt embraced a lean, non-bureaucratic, and comfortable pace of work. We provide professional expertise, adding value to every process and interaction. We join projects with the goal of becoming not just a vendor but a meaningful part of a project.

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