Technology Stacks

Full Stack Development

At DataArt we focus on building high quality solutions designed to work on all mobile devices and modern browsers. Our engineering teams partner with the DataArt design studio to prototype and create applications with the optimal UI frameworks. DataArt engineering teams work with clients and prospects to select the appropriate technology stack to support any solution and provide the foundation for its future scaling and enhancement.

Our stacks of choice include but are not limited to:

  • Java: spring platform, Java EE, reactive frameworks, Kotlin, Scala.
  • .NET.
  • Full stack Python: Flask/Django.
  • Ruby ecosystem: Ruby on Rails, Rack, Sinatra.
  • Full stack JavaScript: Node.js, ES6, MEAN (Mongodb, Express, Angular, Node.js).
  • PHP-based solutions and LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).
  • State of the art front end: React, AngularJS, Vue.js and many others.

Microsoft Stack

Most modern enterprises rely on Microsoft technologies, from business intelligence and productivity systems, to data management and development tools. DataArt solution architects and engineers partner with clients to develop, integrate and optimize Microsoft technology stack solutions:

  • Cloud solutions in Azure including Storage, SQL, Service Bus and open source platforms such as Mesosphere DCOS, Hortonworks, HDInsight among others
  • In-house data warehousing using Microsoft SQL Server as a data storage and OLAP source, SSIS for ETL
  • Cloud-based platforms and applications: Azure, Office 365, SharePoint Services
  • Robust & scalable backend solutions: ASP.NET MVC/Core, IIS load balancing, content delivery strategies
  • Native mobile solutions: .NET Compact Framework
  • UI/UX using Metro UI.

Enterprise integration and solution delivery is made easy with Microsoft tools & technologies:

  • OWIN/Katana flexible integration with third-party components and legacy systems
  • Quality assurance tools and frameworks: MS Test, xUnit, Microsoft UI Automation
  • Team Foundation Server (TFS) as a continuous integration system.

Java Ecosystem

DataArt designs solutions and provides support to enterprise level technology initiatives implemented with Java technology stack. Over the past decade we’ve helped our clients to:

  • Choose appropriate containers for solutions: JBoss, Websphere, Weblogic, lightweight Jetty, or Apache Tomcat;
  • Implement persistent data storage interactions using Spring Data, Hibernate, Slick;
  • Evaluate and select application frameworks: Spring, Guice, PicoContainer, or EJB.

Our expertise in distributed high performance systems includes:

  • Modern JVM languages built to scale: Java 12, Scala, Kotlin and Clojure, GraalVM.
  • Netty, Akka, LMAX Disruptor for data processing.
  • Cloud solution deployment and management using Spring Cloud and Netflix Hystrix.

Understanding the importance of integration processes allows us to recommend the most popular and reliable solutions for enterprise integration:

  • Apache Camel.
  • Spring Integration.
  • JBoss Fuse ESB.
  • IBM Websphere MQ/IB.
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