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Looking for a proof of concept application? Build it faster with Ruby

Ruby on Rails (Rails) is an open source full-stack web application framework which facilitates creation of consumer websites and applications. Compared with Microsoft .NET or Java, Ruby on Rails is well-suited for rapid web application development.

Ruby on Rails, DataArt

Using Ruby on Rails provides a number of advantages:

  • Faster Development
    Ruby on Rails provides many standard components helping to reduce amount of code
  • Stable, and Reliable
    A large dedicated community of Rails developers has open sourced numerous libraries, ensuring fewer bugs and shorter time to market
  • Mobile Ready
    Ruby on Rails is well-integrated with Backbone, Knockout, Emberjs and other JavaScript frameworks, which facilitates the creation of responsive web applications optimized for mobile devices
  • Easy to Deploy
    Rails apps are compatible with major cloud platforms, such as Heroku and Engineyard, making the deployment process quick and effortless

A small team of Ruby engineers can have a minimum viable product (MVP) developed into beta in minimal time. Ruby on Rails has been a framework of choice for startups. Global services, such as Twitter, Github, Scribd, Hulu, Groupon, Airbnb, Redmine and UrbanDictionary were built on Rails.

Ruby on Rails is an ideal solution for:

  • Creating custom web applications from scratch
  • Building server-side services for mobile applications
  • Projects with limited budget and tight timeframe

Ruby on Rails is not well suited when:

  • Open source license is not applicable
  • Integration with enterprise IT infrastructure is required

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