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Wearable Technologies across Industries

The Year of Wearable Technologies

Wearables are a modern and rapidly developing class of devices intended to bring high mobility, live access to data, and context-awareness to the lives of their users. A great variety of these devices, from wristbands to chest sensors, offer the wearer the ability to move freely through the world and extend themselves in many different ways.

The spurt of the wearables market in 2014 has led marketing specialists to call it “The Year of Wearables.” DataArt has been researching wearable platforms for quite some time and has created some best practices for developing applications for use with wearables.

Our experts examined the capabilities of Fitbit (one of the first such devices, which gave birth to the era of wearables in 2009), conducted overviews of different smart wristbands (such as the Xiaomi MiBand and JawBone), became familiar with healthcare wearables (such as the Samsung Simband and Jawbone Up3), and deeply investigated Android Wear and Apple WatchKit development in our research labs.

Application of Wearable Devices

DataArt recognizes the value of wearable devices for a variety of industries, including:

  • Sports
    A large number of wearable products available on the market are fitness trackers and assistants, wearable timers and sensors, etc. DataArt is skilled at building applications for wearable devices that help users achieve their fitness goals.
  • Communication
    Smart watches (especially Android Wear and Apple WatchKit) make it possible to message and answer calls from your wrist, and make it easy and intuitive with gesture recognition. DataArt’s experience includes app development for several brands and makes of smart watches.
  • Dieting
    Wristbands and fitness trackers help to measure calories burned, while speech input on smart watches and mobile phones make it easy to carry out food and calorie analysis on the fly. We could help by adding a diet suggestions option to your application based on daily activity data from a wearable device.
  • Health & Wellness
    Almost all modern smart watches include a heart rate monitor, and all smart wristbands that help with sleep tracking also provide users with a highly developed smart wake-up technology that adapts to the user's sleep phases. The DataArt team can help you integrate this data with personal health records like Microsoft HealthVault and Apple HealthKit and synchronize user updates between the platforms.
  • Expenditure tracking and wireless payments
    Expenditure tracking and wireless payments become quick and easy using a combination of NFC and a device wearable on your wrist. For instance, a smart watch could let you check your credit card balance instantly by means of a single click, or add notes about your spending by speaking aloud and letting voice recognition do the rest.
  • Wireless key
    Always on your wrist, wearablescan be used as a key to your smart home or car. DataArt has looked into several methods of finding a way to use a wearable device as an authorization tool for locking and unlocking your laptop or PC, as well as a secure wireless key for your home and car.
  • Socialization & matching interests
    Devices such as Razor Nabu let you find shared interests and swap contacts with a simple handshake and save the user’s time by adding the people they meet to their friends list.

Device groups DataArt has worked with:

  • Smart watches
  • Wristbands and fitness trackers
  • On-body sensors
  • Smart rings

DataArt’s Offering

DataArt is well-positioned to incorporate wearable technologies, mobile and web application systems to bring high mobility and live data tracking into your customers’ lives.

DataArt combines vast mobile expertise that covers Android, iOS, Windows Phone and other platforms, comprehensive knowledge of wearable technologies, and keen understanding of the health & wellness industry to deliver best-in-class solutions.

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