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What Hertz v Accenture Teaches us About Failure in Systems Development Projects By Cliff Moyce

3 June 2019 | Media

In TechRadar, Cliff Moyce, Chairman of Advisory Board at DataArt, discusses the respective roles of buyers and providers of IT systems development services, commenting on Hertz's $32 million lawsuit against Accenture.

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Why Good Management is so Important to Employee Development

7 May 2019 | Media

EUROPEANCEO investigates how employers can benefit from investing in the professional development of their employees. Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director at DataArt UK, argues that replacement, while seemingly effective in the short term, is counterproductive as a long-term strategy.

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How to Choose a Technology Partner

7 May 2019 | Media

DataArt uploads an interview with Robert Leibholz, its Chief Business Development Officer, where he discusses the criteria for selecting the right technology partner. Robert also reflects on DataArt’s image among clients and his experience of working with the company as a partner and an employee.

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Recipe for Partnership Success - Seven Ingredients to Look for When Picking a Technology Service Provider

27 March 2019 | Media

ITProPortal publishes an article by DataArt’s Chief Development Officer, Bob Leibholz, who shares his recipe for a successful technology partnership. Leibholz advises that, when trying to pick the right technology service provider in a noisy, hype-driven marketplace, businesses must look for seven ingredients. He also delves into the questions about these ingredients that, if answered in full, can mean the difference between failure and success.

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