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The Role of Data Lakes in Modern Data Platforms

1 June 2020 | Webinars

During this webinar, DataArt experts in Data, BI, and Analytics have explained how data lakes, data warehouses, and data hubs differ in purpose and capabilities. Watch the video to learn the core principles, technologies, and benefits that data lakes can bring to your data solution.

Get insights on

  • Main types of modern data analytics architecture
    Review reference architectures and patterns for specific use cases and learn the benefits each of them brings.
  • Business drivers and benefits of modern data architecture
    Learn how scaling data architecture helps to reduce costs and ramp-up capabilities for unstructured and Big Data, advanced analytics, and real-time processing.
  • Benefits, types, and use cases of Data Lake architecture
    Explore design principles to follow when choosing the right type of Data Lake for your set of use cases.
  • The latest technology options to build Data Lake solutions
    Understand how Data Lakes fit into the overall data architecture and relate to its building blocks: data sourcing, data warehousing, data streaming, data governance, security, BI/reporting, data science, and machine learning tools.
  • Best practices for Data Lake implementation
    Envision practical steps to modernize your data architecture with Data Lakes.

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