Web Apps & Services Penetration Testing

Safeguarding your web applications and services

Over the last decade, static websites have evolved into highly-functional web applications which often provide access to sensitive data and critical business functions. Web applications receive user input and pass it to back-end systems, which make them potential gateways for a wide range of attacks. Without proper safeguard, a web application could be used to steal sensitive data which might ultimately lead to a damaged business reputation and monetary fraud.

To avoid that, every company has to secure their perimeter. But since its significant part is now occupied by the company’s web applications, the defenses against hacker attacks must be implemented within the actual applications. Timely inspections of these defenses before and after an application release will help avoid critical situations.

DataArt helps companies secure their web applications by conducting pervasive penetration testing. While every web app has its own unique architecture, each requires an individual approach, and that’s what DataArt security specialists consider when performing tests. Our security engineers are experts in conducting network and application-level assessments and building counter-measure solutions. DataArt’s team utilizes industry leading vulnerability scanning tools and applies manual techniques to detect existing vulnerabilities, such as:

  • Authentication and session management defects
  • Access control issues and privilege elevation
  • SQL and command injection
  • Client-side technology flaws
  • Application logic defects
  • Information disclosure
  • SSL and transport layer weaknesses
  • Platform misconfiguration
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