UX Consulting

UX Consulting is a holistic approach to enhancing the users’ experience with an app product, which is based on business objectives, users’ perspective, collected qualitative and quantitative data, and the UX consultant’s knowledge per se.

Who Will Benefit from UX Consulting

User experience (UX) describes how the users interact with a product and also how it looks and behaves. Good UX results in higher conversion rate in consumer projects and personnel’s efficiency and satisfaction - in enterprise solutions. Consider approaching a User Experience consultant when:

  • stakeholders have different ideas, and they can’t align them
  • product features should be prioritized for an MVP
  • users complaint the app UI is counter-intuitive, and stakeholders are not sure how to improve it
  • an existing solution must be improved

DataArt’s UX Consultants are proficient in analyzing both the business and users’ needs, transforming these into user flows, and turning them into a paper or low fidelity prototype on the go. Using facilitation and workshop techniques, they can validate the initial ideas with real users. We have experience with enterprise apps, native apps, and mobile web design.

Our Services

UX Audit

During a UX Audit, a UX Consultant will review the existing solution based on its main user flows and compose a report, marking the usability issues to consider, arranged in the order of severity. The issues can then be prioritized and listed in the backlog depending on the urgency and dev efforts needed to fix them. This is a quick and easy way to correct the most outstanding usability mistakes and avoid negative comments from the users.


DataArt UX & product design consultants conduct ideation workshops, helping app stakeholders understand who its consumers are, visualize the users’ behavior, and create a shared vision of the product or process. We can lead both onsite and online workshops, using various online tools, as well as sticky notes and paper. Examples of the workshops that we can conduct include (but are not limited to):

  • Design Thinking
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Jobs to Be Done
  • Service Blueprint

Quick Prototyping and Usability Testing

What distinguishes UX Consultants is their ability to turn ideas into a visual form. DataArt’s User Experience experts are proficient in creating low fidelity sketches and conducting a quick evaluation of the UI/UX with the users’ groups - using guerilla testing for some consumer products, or working with the representatives of the real target audience for more complex enterprise solutions.

Accessibility Audit

Developers of any application should strive to make it accessible for all users, including the ones with special needs and disabilities. Most websites these days should be compliant with WCAG guidelines and follow certain rules in terms of design, coding, and content.

DataArt designers create new web applications carefully following these guidelines. Our User Experience consultants audit existing solutions for compliance with accessibility standards and produce detailed reports with the roadmap for improving how an application is accessed and used by users with special needs.

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