DataArt Design Studio is smoothly integrated into the development process, helping to create a convenient and intuitive product. We have vast experience with complex B2B solutions as well as with consumer apps. Following modern trends and technologies and working hand in hand with the development team, we know how to make the most effective UX/UI solutions for iOS and Android, including those made in VR and AR.

Why UX?

Research shows that uncovering product faults at the design stage reduces saves up to 50% of development time by up to 50%. We implement a user-centered design approach to ensure that design flaws are discovered and fixed in the design phase, significantly reducing the risks of product failure.

The impact of UX and usability on ROI is critical in consumer interfaces, while enterprise solutions with good UX improve personnel’s efficiency and satisfaction.

How we work

We don’t use pre-defined solutions, but rather tailor our approach to the needs and goals of the particular client. Each client and every product is unique, and we always take into consideration every possible aspect: the budget and timeline, access to key stakeholders and end-users, and existing artifacts and knowledge, among others.

Our Solutions and Services

  • Product UX

    In collaboration with the client, our UX leads define the plan of action and suggest the best approach for a particular product. After we agree on workflows and priorities, designers create the product’s UX and UI for all required devices, polishing it with the landing page or promo-videos. In long- term projects, we continue to enhance the product and implement design quality control.

  • UX Discovery

    When the general path of the product is not yet defined, we suggest starting with a series of UX/UI activities. UX consultants work closely with the product owners and users, conducting various workshops (including Google Design Sprint, OKR, and Jobs To Be Done) that result in a solution idea that will be most profitable for the client and convenient for the users.

  • User Research

    We believe that good qualitative and quantitative research leads to the best results. Why guess what your users think if you can get to know itfor sure?

    User research can be completed as an individual service, as part of solution design, or within ongoing design activities. We conduct user interviews and surveys, analytics, UX expert review, usability testing, card sorting, design personas, and more.

  • Visualizing the Solution

    We believe that creating wireframes and prototypes is essential for most projects. We choose our approach based on the project needs: from creating paper sketches to elaborate Axure prototypes with close to real functionality; or HTML prototypes, when time is precious, or nice- looking Invision prototypes.

    Our designers are experts in modern interfaces trends and create pixel-perfect designs, data visualization, and animation techniques.

    An important element in interface design is promptly creating the UI kit or full-scale design system.

  • Data-Driven Design Approach

    We analyze the data from analytics tools and regular usability tests, acquiring insights from the real user behavior and introducing changes to UX based on that data. Through analytics, A/B testing, and observation, we achieve the agreed KPI’s and product enhancements.

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