Successful companies, big and small, constantly push themselves to re-evaluate and renew all aspects of the organization: customer service, operations, supply chain and key resource management. Smart use of technology — automation, data management, BI, web and mobile tools — is an essential element in this on-going transformation.

But optimizing old business models may not be enough to thrive. Doing what you’ve always done a little faster or cheaper can only get you so far. Sustainable success often rests on re-inventing the very essence of the business model.

DataArt works with both startups and established companies to develop custom software systems that enable entirely new ways of serving clients and creating value.

Data-driven businesses

Harvesting, organizing and commercializing unique data sets

IoT and connected device revolution

Network platforms

Connecting large groups of users to create more value


From robo-investing to robotic warehouses

Digital Currency and Payments

Competitive advantage gained from an innovative product won’t last forever. An organization must have the resources and commitment to always look for ways to make even a winning product better — or start anew when needed.

DataArt uses collective expertise of thousands of engineers and millions of hours of research to help clients avoid mistakes and develop high-quality systems quickly. Our clients rely on industry-leading IT force regardless of their size, and never stop inventing the future.

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