The Solution Design Group is DataArt’s consulting division, specializing in:

  • Product Design (creating new products that not only work as designed but succeed in their objectives)
  • System Modernization (transforming legacy technology to support business agility so our clients can quickly adapt to market changes and emerging opportunities)
  • Application Rationalizations (unifying duplicative applications into one)
  • Digital Transformation (helping clients re-imagine how they service their customers via digital tools)
  • Cybersecurity Assurance (helping your company get rid of any uncertainties concerning security and ensuring you follow best practices in designing and implementing secure solution).

How We Partner with You

We partner with our clients along a singular focus: making sure they are successful. We closely collaborate with our clients to understand their challenges within the context of their business and user base. We help our clients crystalize their objectives and, working iteratively, help them arrive at an optimal solution to achieve those objectives within their constraints. Throughout the process we ensure all stakeholders are aligned and help them navigate the myriad of pitfalls that cause so many IT projects to fail.

This process typically begins with a Solution Design project, a time-boxed and fixed-priced upfront engagement. Solution Design projects typically involve four main work-streams:

DataArt uses its business and technology acumen to assist clients with:

Strategy & Alignment

Making sure we are building the right product before we build it right. The focus is achieving stakeholder alignment on goals & objectives, constraints and scope through interviews, workshops and regular alignment meetings.

User Experience

The key to Digitization is making sure the user is at the center of your universe. That means doing a lot of prototyping so business users can interact with something tangible early on. We can thereby efficiently collect and iterate on their feedback to create an intuitive, user-friendly solution.


Making sure we build the solution right. And making sure we aggressively identify and test the riskiest components as early as possible.

Program/Process Management

Making sure the right processes are in place and properly aligned across the organizations is critical for success, especially for larger transformation efforts.

Our Solution Design process blends the best of Lean startup, Design Thinking, user-centered design, and agile methodologies. We are focused on achieving objectives, prioritizing and mitigating risks and getting working software out to users as quickly as possible and then iterating/evolving the solution based on data and feedback.

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