Web Application Security Testing Services

Web application penetration testing helps to determine whether an attacker could compromise web applications/solutions/systems to get unauthorized access to corporate resources or data of other users. During this type of pentest, DataArt mimics an external attacker without prior knowledge of the environment or an attacker with user-level access within the application. Our team of security experts attempts to bypass security controls by taking advantage of the vulnerabilities discovered using automated and manual techniques.

Why Do You Need Web Application Penetration Testing?

Web applications are of paramount importance these days. With their popularity arise questions of web application security and risks of exposing sensitive data or critical business functions. Cyberattacks against web applications occur every day and unfortunately, traditional firewalls and other network security controls can’t protect against many of the attack vectors specific to web applications. If there is a culture of scheduling regular pen-testing activities, it can protect not only the target organization but also their associated clients, partners, and third parties working with it. Regular web application pentests ensure your company gets:

  • A deep understanding of the business and security risks that can occur in case of a cyberattack.
  • A detailed report with the priority order for security improvements, focusing on how to improve the overall security posture of your web applications.
  • Stronger safeguards of your business intelligence, data and IT systems, brand and reputation.

Why DataArt?

We take web application security very seriously. While every web app has its own unique architecture, each requires an individual approach, and that’s what DataArt security specialists consider in our penetration testing services. Our security engineers are experts in conducting application-level assessments and building counter-measure solutions. DataArt’s team utilizes industry-leading vulnerability scanning tools and applies manual testing techniques to raise your application security level and detect existing vulnerabilities, such as:

  • Authentication and session management defects
  • Access control issues and privilege elevation
  • SQL and command injection
  • Client-side technology flaws
  • Application logic defects
  • Information disclosure
  • SSL and transport layer weaknesses
  • Web servers misconfiguration

Our Web Security Services

Having years of experience in security testing services, DataArt ensures that your application is safe from any vulnerabilities, and meets the industry security best practices.  Together with web penetration testing, our web security testing services span across:

  • Vulnerability Scanning. Web application scanning searches for software security gaps within applications, as well as it is checking for vulnerabilities on the Web server and within TLS configuration. Vulnerability scans can be performed frequently to ensure any new vulnerabilities are found and patched, meaning you can eliminate more serious vulnerabilities for your business assets quickly. The vulnerability scanning costs are lower as compared to penetration testing plus automated web security scanning helps to accelerate the process of patching and containment by optimizing manual processes and repetitive steps.
  • Code Review. During the secure code review, our cyber-security experts manually analyze your application source code for security flaws, which helps to dive deeply into the code logic and uncover flaws in the design and architecture most automated tools couldn’t find. You can read more about our code review testing services here.
  • Cloud audit for cloud-native applications. With the increased popularity of public clouds, organizations often underestimate the efforts they need to make their cloud application environment secure. Infrastructure audit focuses on checking the cloud environment security settings and controls and ensuring there are no security gaps and misconfigurations.  You can read more about our cloud testing services here.

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