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DataArt's On-Demand IT services support the dynamic needs of a growing enterprise. We provide optimal software engineering capacity and a mix of technology skills on demand, ramping up or scaling down teams in response to clients' evolving requirements.

When a technology development roadmap calls for varying levels of technology expertise over time, DataArt's On-Demand IT enables clients to enjoy resource flexibility, avoid costly investments and focus on the strategic, while leaving the tactical to us. Clients think of us as a scalable and elastic "developer cloud" that responds to changing needs for IT skills.

DataArt On-Demand IT

Our model addresses key elements of a successful partnership including:

Dynamic response

scale up and down when needed and quickly react to priority changes. We invest in skills before client needs them

Shared risk

We use our scale to absorb changing needs and share delivery risk

Knowledge management

key domain knowledge is retained through ups and downs of demand through robust systems and processes; providing for fast ramp-up


IT cost is directly correlated to business need. No HR overhead. No upfront investment. No infrastructure cost. No long-term commitments

Deep domain knowledge

brings best industry practices to your business and minimizes integration time

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