Penetration Testing Services

Penetration testing (also known as pentest) is a controlled process which simulates a real-world attack from malicious users and/or external attackers. Penetration testing aims to spot company’s security flaws and evaluate a potential influence of these attacks on an organization’s business operations.

How DataArt can help?

DataArt’s cybersecurity experts have conducted hundreds of penetration tests for businesses of all sizes across the UK, Europe, and USA.

While automating certain routine checks, the primary focus for our pentest is made on manual testing which helps to identify covert issues that are often overlooked by many competitors.

All our security analysts have over 3 year-experience in vulnerability assessment and penetration testing projects, and they maintain major security certifications.

How You can Benefit from Penetration Testing

Penetration testing helps to:

  • Prevent revenue loss and reputational damage.
  • Proactively identify vulnerabilities.
  • Expose the real-world attack vectors that could impact an organization’s IT assets, data, and security.
  • Validate existing controls and develop guidelines for remediation.
  • Meet regulatory requirements and avoid fines.
  • Avoid business disruptions.

As you can see, involving a pen-testing team to test your environment is a proactive effort of protecting your business from risks of potential cyber security breaches.

DataArt’s Penetration Testing Services:

Web Application Penetration Testing

  • The purpose of that test is to determine whether an attacker could compromise web applications to get unauthorized access to private resources and confidential data
  • The focus of that test is shifted to breaking local privacy and bypassing platform-specific APIs and mechanisms used for data protection
  • During a network penetration test, DataArt assesses the security of networks and attempts various attacks on the various resources located within those networks

Penetration Testing Stages

Our penetration testing methodology involves the following 5 key phases:


1. Planning. The first stage involves defining and documenting test objectives, scope, and rules of engagement.

2. Reconnaissance. During the information gathering phase, DataArt collected and examined key information about the targeted application and related infrastructure.

3. Discovering vulnerabilities. A vulnerability assessment is conducted to identify any security weaknesses through testing, validation, and research.

4. Exploitation. As the last step of the active phase of the testing, DataArt tries to exploit all identified vulnerabilities in order to disclose a true risk level of possible impact on the system from issue exploitation and minimize false-positive results.

5. Reporting. After the completion of penetration testing, DataArt delivers a detailed report of the team’s findings, thoroughly outlining and presenting our findings with suggestions for prioritizing fixes, walking through the results with a client hand-in-hand.

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