Network Penetration Testing

The robust evolution of IT technologies allows businesses to build complex networks. Within these networks lies all their sensitive information, be it confidential business info or payment cards data, which attracts professional hackers and script kiddies alike.

While network-level vulnerabilities might be less common, their impact is hard to overestimate. With access to a network, a malicious user may acquire sensitive data and plan monetary fraud or plant malware for disrupting business functions.

Patching your network perimeter is of prime importance for every organization, regardless of its size. Network penetration testing helps to:

  • Enumerate security vulnerabilities of network infrastructure, including the systems, services and network devices
  • Become aware of the security risks posed by the discovered vulnerabilities
  • Learn the ways in which network vulnerabilities might impact a business process
  • Identify exposure to internal (i.e. malicious employees) and external attackers (i.e. anonymous attackers on the Internet)
  • Receive practical remediation recommendations for the uncovered issues
  • Become compliant with security regulations (such as requirement 11.3 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS))

DataArt security engineers are experts in network penetration testing. The team utilizes our proprietary methodology based on Best Practices and industry-standard frameworks, such as OSSTMM, OWASP, WASC. DataArt security specialists leverage both automated and manual techniques, to ensure the highest levels of network security.

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