Any product development life cycle should include a security testing stage to prevent a company from data breaches, ensure compliance and avoid security vulnerabilities.

It can be challenging to navigate the complex security landscape alone. DataArt is a trusted security testing company that can help companies prepare, detect, react, and recover along with all points of the software development life cycle. Our company has the necessary cyber security testing resources to protect your sensitive business data from attacks.

Our Security Testing and Assessment Services

Our experience in assessing the security of our clients’ solutions, on-premises and cloud infrastructure, have shown that regular security audits can save thousands and possible millions of dollars in reputational losses, customer confidence, business disruptions, productivity and more. Security testing is our highest priority.

DataArt provides end-to-end security testing and security assessment services that cover all web, client-server, and mobile applications. We pride ourselves on our field-proven cyber security assessment and testing services, including:

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is an authorized software security testing process that imitates a real cyber-attack. Its goal is to look for security system defects and estimate the level of damage these attacks can bring.

Cloud Security Audit

DataArt’s cyber security audit services include a cloud security test that inspects the entire cloud environment for security breaches, compiles reports, and offers recommendations for future actions.

Compliance Management

Our specialists ensure your compliance with ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and GDPR standards and see that security protocols like SOX, GLBA, and HIPAA are in place. Not only do they perform a full audit, but they also counsel on further steps to be taken to stay on top of all regulations.

Social Engineering Test

We offer a so-called Social Engineering Test that aims to train your employees and clients to be cautious while working with personal information, identifying and reporting phishing emails, and be ready for any suspicious activity from third parties.

Secure Code Review

A secure code review runs a thorough check-up of source codes and identifies their flaws and weak spots. DataArt’s security testing solutions include both automated and manual evaluations for maximum accuracy.

Security Consulting

DataArt’s cyber security testing experts take care of any uncertainties you might have concerning security in various domains like travel, healthcare, retail, and many more.

In addition to security testing services, DataArt provides a unique Cybersecurity Assurance Program. It helps companies to integrate security to earlier stages of the development cycle (requirements stage), even before coding itself. The goal of our cybersecurity assurance services is to ensure your solution is built according to existing security requirements and policies, with the minimal risk of security vulnerabilities and data breaches.

Our Software Security Testing Expertise

DataArt has significant experience providing IT security testing services, as well as gathering and analyzing system vulnerabilities. We provide a full range of services to help companies secure their products and infrastructure through a structured approach and consistent methodology based on industry-wide best practices like OSSTMM, OWASP, WASC, and ISO27000. We take pride in our highly qualified specialists that bring a unique and personal approach to every client’s needs.


Benefits of Our Security Assessment and Testing Services

Global cybercrime costs business $365 — 375 billion annualy.

$158 is the average overall cost of stolen sensitive records.

$196 000 due to a single unsanitized field during an automated SQL Injection attack can cost.

In a constantly changing cybersecurity world, new threats and attack vectors appear daily. It is highly important for your organization to have a regular cadence of security assessment and penetration testing activities in order to identify, evaluate and prioritize risks to data, operations, technologies and people. By leveraging our cyber security assessment and testing services, your company will be able to:

  • Detect early security vulnerabilities within your IT environment.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to personal or otherwise sensitive information and eliminate system downtime.
  • Avoid revenue loss and brand damage.
  • Quickly respond to future security incidents and minimize the damage to your business.
  • Comply with worldwide requirements and avoid penalties.
  • Reduce attack surface, which minimizes hackers’ chances to attack your applications and network.
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Why Choose DataArt

  • More than ten years in cybersecurity. We have a broad client security testing portfolio, which includes companies ranging from small businesses to large corporations.
  • More than 500 completed security audit and security testing projects. Our full range of IT security testing starts from analysis, requirement definition, and carries through exploitation and finally providing actionable reports with remediation recommendations.
  • Successful long-term relationships in cybersecurity with clients in finance, retail, healthcare, travel, and IoT industries.
  • A skillful security team comprised of OSCP and CEH certified professionals. Our security testing services experts will help to protect your business from any security violation.

Our security testing services provide your organization with IT audit services and penetration testing services and regularly offer recommendations to protect your data. If your business requires a software security testing service, you can trust us to attend to all your needs.


  • Why Is Security Testing Required?

    The focus of security testing is on searching for potential gaps and weaknesses of your system/platform, which might result in a security breach. So, security testing activities can help you validate your company’s existing security controls and identify any misconfigurations in order to reach a higher level of security.

  • When Should Security Testing Be Done?

    DataArt recommends testing the security of your applications and IT infrastructure regularly (annually, at least) and after a major systemwide update. However, today’s cyber threats are forcing businesses to adapt continuous security model since vulnerabilities are ongoing and not just a single occurrence. The use of automated tools for security assessments on a routine basis raises your IT staff awareness and helps to discover the first layer of vulnerabilities. In tandem with manual testing, you can be assured that all the bases are covered.

  • Can You Provide Client References?

    Absolutely. DataArt has worked with Fortune 500 and Inc 500 companies from various industries around the world. Since most of our clients are CTOs, CIOs, and CISOs, we need some time to inform them before you can contact them.

  • What Kind of Reports Can I Get at the End of Security Testing?

    At the end of a project, you receive a thorough report containing both an executive summary (with a letter of opinion) about the completed project and details on the identified security issues with in-depth POC descriptions. For each issue, DataArt also provides recommendations for successful remediation.

  • Can You Test IoT Solutions or Devices?

    Yes, we can. Embedded devices are complicated in terms of their architecture and have multiple opportunities for security attacks. DataArt ensures that our security testing activities covers the full attack surface and all use cases.

Security Expertise

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