As technologies continue to evolve, new vulnerabilities are discovered at an astounding pace, making information security a serious challenge for businesses worldwide. It is crucial to address security challenges promptly and expertly, to avoid potentially serious consequences, be it loss of profit or damaged business reputation.

Security Risks

Security breaches result in information leakages, affecting businesses in a variety of ways, from system downtime to unauthorized use of sensitive data (credit card details, personal health records) to monetary fraud and legal actions. A single hack has an average economic impact of $300k, not to mention harm to business reputation.

When is it Time to Act?

Preventive measures are easier to implement and more cost-effective than a security breach recovery. We advise that every software application is checked for security issues at the earliest stages of development. Security is not a product but a process, and with new vulnerabilities appearing daily, security testing should become a routine procedure for any business.

How DataArt Helps its Clients

DataArt provides a full range of solutions to help companies secure their products and infrastructure through a structured approach and consistent methodology based on industry-wide best practices and accompanying resources, such as OSSTMM, OWASP and WASC. Our expertise includes network and application-level assessments and building counter-measure solutions. We help our clients identify security issues, suggest remediation solutions, and provide ongoing support to their technical teams.

Our Services

DataArt provides end-to-end security testing services that cover all web, client-server, and mobile applications:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Fully evaluates a system’s security by simulating actions of a malicious user

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Allows us to identify vulnerabilities in applications that might lead to compromise of sensitive data being compromised.

  • Compliance Management
  • Helps to become compliant with major security standards

  • Security Code Review
  • Helps developers address the root cause of security problems at the start of and during the application development process

  • Security Consulting
  • Provides ongoing support with all security-related activities

  • Cloud Security Audit

    Evaluates cloud security and identifies any discrepancies with the company’s security policy

    Target: Cloud infrastructure

    • Find non-unaddressed security gaps and issues
    • Verify that implemented security controls implemented are in line with the company’s policy

    How: Manually and using automation

    Workflow: Information gathering, interviews, assessment, and reporting


  • Security Assurance

    Ensures that security practices are optimal, enforce the company’s security policy, and are integrated into the development process from the get-go.

    Goal: Embed security in all products starting from the very first day

    Strategy: Ensure that

    • the development process and solution conforms to the client’s security standards and applicable compliance requirements
    • the solution is implemented according to security best-practices
    • the solution is sufficiently protected from relevant threats and attack vectors


    Technical audit, compliance management, maintenance of security guidelines and requirements, assistance with security design, ongoing security consulting, security code reviews, penetration testing, hosting environment hardening

  • Social Engineering Test

    Assesses people, processes, and procedures by simulating phishing, vishing, and other breach strategies.

    Goal: Evaluate the level of social engineering awareness by simulating a phishing/vishing attack.

    Channels: Email, IM, Phone, and SMS

    Workflow: Information gathering (including social media), preparing content (call scripts/email templates), performing the attack, analyzing response rates and reporting.

    Target: The whole company, a department, or particular employees.

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