Google Cloud Platform Partnership


DataArt is a Google Cloud Partner with certified architects, developers, data engineers, and account managers.

Our GCP approved expertise:

Cloud Native Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Enterprise Databases Migration

VM Migration

Windows Server Migration

Microsoft Azure migration

Google Cloud Compute

Google Cloud Analytics

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Small & Medium Business

Depth and breadth of Google Cloud Platform expertise and DataArt capabilities:

  • Cloud adoption guidance
  • Design and implementation of enterprise architecture and infrastructure with Google Cloud services: Cloud Functions, Kubernetes and GKE, GCE, VPC, VPN, Cloud DNS, and Cloud CDN
  • Cost optimization and capacity planning
  • ML and AI with AutoML, AI Platform, Tensorflow and Data Studio
  • Data management and data warehousing with Cloud Storage, BigTable, and BigQuery
  • Optimization of operations, Disaster Recovery, SRE and security
  • Cloud Application Development: cloud-native, cloud-agnostic, severless, high availability
  • BigData and high-performance projects

Infrastructure Modernization

Providing infrastructure modernization services with GCP solutions we bring our clients the value by

  • Automating operations, delivery and maintenance of IT solutions
  • Moving infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform
  • Transforming virtualization to containerization with Kubernetes and GKE
  • Enabling DevOps culture, continuous delivery & integration
  • Infrastructure as code and solutions: Terraform, Deployment Manager, CloudEndure

We provide all spectrum of infrastructure related services leveraging GCE, GKE, VPN, Cloud CDN, Cloud DNS, IAM and other GCP products.

DataArt offers expertise in these types of projects:

Cloud governance

Landing zone, organization and projects, security and audit

Cloud economics

Cost savings, capacity planning

Workload migration

Containerization, Kubernets, Automation of provisioning

Hybrid environment

Migration from AWS or MS Azure

Infrastructure management

IaC, Containerization, Networking

Setting Up GCP Projects

We help set up GCP projects by establishing project structure and governance, budgeting, capacity planning, billing, and monitoring.

Our workflow:

  • Infrastructure and security audit
  • Identification of the desired state
  • Proof of concept
  • Consultation on cost optimization
  • Migration design and planning
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