DeviceHive: Open Source M2M Framework

Bootstrap IoT/M2M Solution with DeviceHive - Open Source Platform

DeviceHive is an open source IoT data platform with a wide range of integration options.

Industry agnostic

Supported by DataArt experts

Fast time to market and fast prototyping

Free for commercial use

Easily integrates with other products, services, and enterprise solutions

More facts:

  • Open Source. Transparent and free.
  • Secure by design. The platform is designed with modern security approaches.
  • Cloud-agnostic. Supports public and private clouds and hybrid deployment.
  • Device-agnostic. Connect any device using REST API, WebSockets, or MQTT. Node.js, Python, and custom firmware.
  • Scalable. Container-based service-oriented architecture approach with linear scalability, managed and orchestrated by Kubernetes for production loads.
  • Customizable. Easy to integrate with other services, platforms, devices or other open source tools via API, Plugin systems, or internal message bus.
  • Analytics. Employ the most advanced data analysis platforms and tools to get insights about your data.
  • Visualization. DeviceHive supports Grafana out-of-the-box. It can be integrated with almost any analytical and monitoring tools.
  • Fault-tolerant. Engineered to be fault-tolerant by design by employing best DevOps and Development practices.
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