Educational Technology has seen some $35B capital investment since 2010, and $3B in 1Q2020 only, which shows an amazing growth dynamics and demand for innovation in the sector. We at DataArt are happy to power this innovation with the technology.


For EdTech Companies

  • Accelerated Product Delivery
  • IT Software Consulting
  • Elastic IT
  • Turnkey Projects

For Educational Institutions

  • Digital Transformation Consulting
  • Learning Management System Implementation and Integration
  • Technology Enablement and Digital Engagement
  • Continuous Improvement with Data and Analysis

For Corporate Education

  • End-to-end Customizable Solution for Onboarding, Compliance Training and CPD
  • Integration, Customization and Support
  • Open edX Platform Based Virtual Learning Environment
  • Consulting on Instructional Design, Content Authoring, and Measurability

Solutions and Technology

DataArt can implement complete solutions in following areas:

  • Learning Management Systems
  • Compliance with IMS Global Learning Consortium® standards for interoperation and evolvability
  • World-class digital enablement and optimization for campuses
  • Building for accessibility and inclusion
  • Open edX Platform implementation expertise
  • Simulation Learning, Medical Education
  • Safeguarding and Security
  • Media and Distance Learning

DataArt is a listed Service Partner of Open edX Platform     open-edx-logo

Dealing with Surge in Usage and Number of Clients?

DataArt can help with:

  • Technology consulting and implementation. Our architects can help you identify and resolve bottlenecks
  • DevOps and Operations services to scale existing solutions out to match demand
  • All major cloud and on-prem technologies: AWS , GCP , Azure , OpenStack among others
  • Bench — as a matter of policy, we keep >6% of engineering force on the bench, which means 100-500 engineers ready to start today

Case Studies

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