The highest performing IT companies are characterized by:

  • Multiple daily on-demand deployments
  • Lead time for changes (code commit to production) and MTTR less than 1 hour
  • Change failure rate 0-15% (5x less than low performers)
  • Degree of automation:
    • 65% of testing
    • 70% or more for configuration management and deployment
  • Spending 21% less time on unplanned work / rework and 44% more time on new work than low performers

Source: 2017cby Puppet, DORA

Slow and inefficient software deployment processes cost the financial services industry $1.5 billion annually (Greenwich Associates)

DevOps Technology

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery Tools

    • CI: Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, TravisCI, and Concourse
    • CD: Spinnaker, and
    • CI in the Clouds: AWS Code Star, Google Cloud Build, and Azure DevOps
    • Artifactories: Nexus, and JFrog
    devops cloud
  • Automated Testing

    • JMeter, Artillery, Tsung, and Gatling
    • Selenium, Appium, Saucelab, and Browserstack
    • Test Complete, and QTP
  • Infrastructure Management

    • Kubernetes (AKS, AWS EKS, GKE, Kops, and Konvoy)
    • OpenShift
    • Rancher
    • Docker ecosystem
    • Vagrant, AWS Cloud Formation, and Azure ARM
    • Terraform
    • Puppet, Chef, and Ansible
    • OpenStack


amazon web services

Continuous Integration

Best practices that improve quality and streamline development process:

  • Scalable CI

  • Pipelines

  • Fixed revisions and versions

  • Isolated changes and scope

  • No overnight builds - decomposition and parallel running.

  • Build config as code

  • Build on commit

  • Automatic code review

  • Reporting

  • Advanced analytics to support release processes

Client Testimonials

“The DataArt-Nasdaq combination is great for what we were trying to accomplish with our trading floor...”
Kevin Kennedy,
Head of US Options, Nasdaq Global Trading and Market Services
“DataArt is an invaluable strategic partner for Monex Europe. We trust DataArt to deliver...”
Shelton Fray,
Director and Co-founder

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