DataArt brings agile methodology and culture to clients through its development squads- small, self-organized, multi-functional teams. Each squad is self-sufficient and operates autonomously to deliver a particular aspect or feature of the product. Squads typically include a designer, a business analyst, developers, and QAs.

Utilizing squads brings the following benefits:

Increased productivity

Members are aligned in their workflow and relationships, making squads productive as a unit from the start

Reduced costs and time to market

The cross-functional nature of squads allows problems to be addressed as they arise in real time, cutting costs and time to market

Ease of scaling up and down

Adding or removing squads as opposed to individuals enables faster scaling up or down

Minimal input

Squads are self- sufficient and require only minimal input from the client


DataArt’s 95% retention rate ensures continuity and reliability of squad composition

Staying ahead of the game

DataArt’s teams bring an agile methodology, a culture of innovation, and effective practices, as well as new ideas, new insights, and diverse talent

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