Salesforce Consulting Services
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Working across industries such as Finance, Travel & Hospitality, Retail & Distribution, HealthCare & Life Sciences, Media, and others.


Our Salesforce Consulting Offerings

We provide Salesforce consulting services in the following areas: product implementation, integration, optimization, app development, Lightning migration, and ongoing support. Members of our community are certified Salesforce consultants, so they always follow best practices for application development and its implementation.

Salesforce Consulting and Development

  • Strategy consulting and business process review
  • Industry expertise
  • Platform and industry best practices
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Salesforce Implementation Consulting Services

  • Salesforce tntegration services
  • Salesforce products implementation: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Einstein Analytics (AI), Pardot, and others.
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Support and Maintenance

  • Post-release support and modification
  • Knowledge management
  • Maintenance
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Application Development

  • Salesforce integration services and development
  • Integration architecture and development using ETL platforms and custom solutions
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Our Salesforce Consulting Experience


About DataArt

DataArt is a global software engineering firm and a Salesforce implementation consultant that takes a uniquely human approach to solving problems



What is Salesforce Consulting?

Salesforce Consulting is a process of providing expert help with planning, implementation, migration to Salesforce, or improving productivity and results from an existing Salesforce platform.

How Does Salesforce Consulting Work?

As a Salesforce Consulting company with experienced architects in our team, we provide services across the board from digital transformation to the way of architecting and designing your Salesforce solution. Work does not end after we are done with the implementation, as we continue ongoing customer support as much as needed for all of our clients. By paying close attention to Salesforce best practices in all of our projects, we offer high-quality Salesforce consulting services to assist clients in making confident decisions about exploring Salesforce.

What makes a good Salesforce Implementation Consultant?

Salesforce Implementation Consultant is distinguished by a deep expertise and rich experience that helps to guide clients into Salesforce’s evolving ecosystem, choose the right products, and propose a solution that will drive success.

Why do you need Salesforce consulting services?

We can support your Salesforce initiatives at any stage, so there can be a variety of answers to the “why?” question. There are three main scenarios.

In any of the scenarios above or other smaller options such as app development or integrations, we have Salesforce consulting services expertise and experience that will help you expand your Salesforce implementation’s full potential.

Who is a Salesforce Integration Consultant?

Salesforce Integration is a process of bringing two or more of your systems together, helping to streamline multiple processes. Therefore, a Salesforce integration consultant helps to sync third-party or custom-built systems with your existing Salesforce org and makes it easier for your team to work together with all the needed data.

Therefore, a Salesforce integration company and its consultants help to sync third-party or custom-built systems with your existing Salesforce org and makes it easier for your team to work together with all the needed data.

What are the types of Integration in Salesforce?

Usually, organizations of different sizes or industries are using integration to connect their CRM to external systems at the process and data levels. There may be a variety of classifications, but we will look at three main types of integration in Salesforce.

Of course, integration processes may be complicated - finding the right Salesforce integration services provider or even making a decision inside your company with this idea can be a challenge. If you are not sure about what type of integration or implementation you need - you can Talk to us.

What are the benefits of Salesforce Integration?

Building blocks for a successful Salesforce Program

First, your team should set goals, success criteria, and identify stakeholders. After that, DataArt comes in, and together we are preparing Change Management/User Adoption strategy. We plan, establish timelines and milestones, gather requirements, and identify key processes. Then, fully carried out by the DA team of developers, we build, test, and iterate. Finally, after the training and onboarding of users, your Salesforce solution is live.

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