DataArt Releases Version 1.3 of the Charting Solution for Microsoft® ASP.NET

DataArt released a new version of its NETChart component for ASP.NET, a low cost charting solution for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. The new core feature of NETChart 1.3 is its integration with Visual Studio 2005 and added functionality.

The new release allows developers to use NETChart with both VS 2005 and VS2003, and to migrate their solutions to the new Microsoft VS 2005 platform. It supports side-by-side installation (NETChart for VS 2003/Framework 1.1 and NETChart for VS 2005/Framework 2.0), while leaving the core functionality intact for both versions – developers are free to choose the platform as required. New functionality includes addition of an unlimited number of special value markers on the charts axis, custom formatting for all graph labels using formatting strings, gradient fills for different chart areas and optimized performance on rendering operations.

Besides supporting the original data sources, XML, DataSet and DataTable, NETChart 1.3 supports intrinsic types of .NET Framework, collections, enumerations and arrays. For .NET Framework 2.0, new DataSource based architecture is also supported (DataSourceControl as data source).

"NETChart 1.3 is a powerful and flexible chart-oriented platform with reliable architecture, which was verified by the successful migration to .NET Framework 2.0," said Dennis Afanassiev, software architect at DataArt. "The future release of NETChart, scheduled for Q2/2006, will be dedicated to WinForms support. We aim to provide the global reporting and charting services for all the environments, where Visual Studio and .NET developers might be needed".

About NetChart

NETChart is a powerful charting solution, which allows for a full control of the chart's graphic representation, customization of chart items, automatic and manual data-binding and an easy-to-implement drill-down mode of a chart, among other features. The component is written entirely on Microsoft.NET and uses methods from the framework, ensuring safe and efficient performance. Importantly, it is delivered with an MSDN-style help system, with code snippets and sample projects, allowing for a quick access and easy references. DataArt NETChart is not charged per seat, which makes it a truly low cost solution.

About DataArt

DataArt ( is a well-established software outsourcing provider focused on serving the needs of Small and Mid-size Businesses (SMBs) in the U.S. and Europe. Founded in 1997, DataArt specializes in the development of network applications, corporate databases and business automation tools, including customer relations and content management systems. Headquartered in New York City, DataArt runs a state-of-the art Development Center in St. Petersburg, Russia, and has offices in San Francisco, Jacksonville, FL, Chapel Hill, NC and London, UK.

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