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Transform Your Business from Data-Driven to Insights-Driven: DataArt to Host a Business Intelligence Webinar Featuring Top Industry Analyst

14 February 2019 | US | Press Release / Finance

February 14, 2019New YorkDataArt, the global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions, will host a business intelligence webinar featuring a leading BI Forrester analyst on Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

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DataArt to Co-Host HACKNEXT, Insurtech Hackathon on March 7-9, 2019, in Munich

13 February 2019 | Germany | Press Release / Other Industries

Munich – February 13, 2019 – HACKNEXT, the annual hackathon on digitalization in the insurance industry, will take place March 7-9, 2019, at the Kohlebunker in Munich, where seasoned professionals and insurance experts will meet at the three-day event to work on new and disruptive digital solutions.

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HEDNA 2019 Wrap-up: Inspirational Insights

12 February 2019 | Blog

The HEDNA 2019 agenda illustrated the incredible potential for a meeting of the top minds in the hospitality industry, and the conference certainly didn’t disappoint. This year’s HEDNA gathering exceeded even my loftiest expectations, with 355 people marking the highest...

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Will 2019 See the End of the Term ‘Digital Transformation’? Is it Just a Buzzword?

11 February 2019 | UK | Media / Other Industries

Information Age speaks with industry experts about digital transformation and its longevity, as a term and as a concept. Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director at DataArt UK, argues that the process of adaptation to change will prevail, while terms to describe it are likely to evolve.

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DataArt to Exhibit at Travel Technology Europe 2019

11 February 2019 | UK | Press Release / Travel & Hospitality

11 February, 2019LONDON – DataArt’s Travel & Hospitality Practice will exhibit at Travel Technology Europe (TTE) in London on February 20-21, 2019.

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TradeTalks: Open Banking

4 February 2019 | US | Media / Finance

In a new quarterly installment of Nasdaq TradeTalks, Peter Vaihansky, SVP at DataArt, speaks with Jill Malandrino about the concept of open banking and lessons learned from the Open Banking program in the UK. “As a concept,...

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Head in the Clouds: What the Future of Cloud Computing Means for Media

29 January 2019 | UK | Media / Media & Entertainment

In TechRadar, Sergey Bludov, SVP of Media and Entertainment at DataArt, discusses the reasons for the cloud becoming more popular over local storage and the ways media and entertainment companies are benefitting from cloud computing.

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DataArt to exhibit at ICE London 2019

29 January 2019 | UK | Press Release / Gaming

January 29, 2019LONDONDataArt, the global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions, will be exhibiting at ICE London, the world’s largest event of iGaming industry, on February 5-7, 2019.

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Augmented & Virtual Reality Coming of Age in the Music Industry

24 January 2019 | UK | Media / Media & Entertainment

In Virtual Reality Pop, Sergey Bludov, SVP of Media and Entertainment at DataArt, discusses practical use cases for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in the music industry.

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Will Smart Parking Systems Help City Dwellers Find A Spot?

23 January 2019 | Blog

Finding a parking spot can be a nightmare. For locals and tourists alike, parking poses a major challenge in every city, commonly resulting in tremendously frustrating drives around the block over-and-over again searching for somewhere to leave their car. According to the United Nations,...

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