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DataArt in the News

Healthcare IT Security: Can We Turn the Corner?

17 December 2018 | Germany | Media
In, Egor Kobelev, SVP of Healthcare and Life Science at DataArt, explores the distinctive characteristics of the healthcare industry that necessitate a unique approach to security.
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DataArt cooperates with R3

17 December 2018 | Germany | Media covers the announcement of DataArt’s partnership with R3 to build blockchain solutions on Corda distributed ledger platform.
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How to Address the DevOps Information Security Challenge

14 December 2018 | UK | Media
In Connect-World, Yuri Gubin, Vice President of Cloud Solutions at DataArt, discusses the concept of DevSecOps, which integrates security practices into the DevOps process. He identifies six security challenges that surface during the implementation process of DevOps and proposes ways to address them.
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DataArt Predicts IoT Goes Mainstream in 2019

13 December 2018 | UK | Media
UC Today shares DataArt’s predictions for IoT in 2019, including the 5G rollout, increasing power and capabilities of edge devices, resurgence of big tech players and the race to tackle security.
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IoT Goes Mainstream

12 December 2018 | Germany | Media, runs DataArt’s predictions for IoT in 2019, noting the increasing power and capabilities of edge devices, automotive industry’s shift towards data-driven business models, significant investment in automotive data analysis, and 5G rollout that will unlock the true potential of IoT devices.

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What’s in Store for Fintech in 2019?

12 December 2018 | UK | Media
In Markets Media, Cliff Moyce, Chairman of Advisory Board at DataArt, discusses 2019 trends in financial technology. Fintech firms will thrive or struggle based on their ability to make significant improvements in automation, digitalisation, analytics, quality, productivity, security and compliance using blockchain, AI, and cloud.
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DataArt Partners with R3 for Blockchain Build Out

11 December 2018 | UK | Media
Finextra runs the announcement that DataArt partnered with R3 to build blockchain solutions on Corda distributed ledger platform.
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The Business Travel Magazine

6 December 2018 | USA | Media

In the Business Travel Magazine, DataArt highlights the key trends in travel and hospitality for 2019, including the rapid evolution of AI, expansion of API ecosystems, advancement of augmented reality capability as well as the rise of self- service solutions and voice assist technology.

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The Ticketing Tides are Turning for the Secondary Market

3 December 2018 | US | Media
Hypebot features a guest post by Sergey Bludov, SVP of Media and Entertainment at DataArt, in which he discusses secondary ticketing markets in the new age of digital ecosystem.
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DataArt Receives Investment

26 November 2018 | Germany | Media reports Da Vinci Capital's private equity investment in DataArt.
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