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To Endure or to Modernise?

6 February 2018 | UK | Media & Entertainment

In Digitalisation World, Sergey Bludov, SVP of Media and Entertainment at DataArt, discusses how legacy systems can impede innovation and offers approaches for their modernization.

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Amazon’s Record Breaking Fourth Quarter

5 February 2018 | UK | Retail & Distribution

Essential Retail devotes a feature article to Amazon’s fourth quarter results and asks retail industry experts to comment on Amazon’s stellar performance. Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, discusses the role that Amazon’s development strategy and use of data plays in its phenomenal success.

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution Will Be Mind-Blowing, and it Has Started Already

4 February 2018 | US | Other Industries

In TechNative, Cliff Moyce, Head of the Finance Practice at DataArt, discusses the technologies behind the Fouth Industrial Revolution and its potential impact on businesses and humanity at large.

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DataArt Interview: The Pursuit of Omnichannel Happiness

30 January 2018 | UK | Retail & Distribution

Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, speaks with Retail Technology Innovation Hub (RTIH) about the hidden costs of outsourcing, the biggest challenges facing omnichannel retailers, and the key retail technology trends in 2018.

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Here’s to the Future

23 January 2018 | UK | Gaming

In Casino International, DataArt's iGaming experts discuss 2018 trends, noting the impact of interactive live streaming, facial recognition, and blockchain on the gaming industry.

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DataArt Joins HEDNA to Champion Technology Innovation and Collaboration

18 January 2018 | Europe | Travel & Hospitality

Hospitality Net runs the announcement of DataArt joining theHotel Electronic Distribution Network Association (HEDNA) to accelerate innovation and advance the hotel distribution landscape through strategic collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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Artificial Doctors in a Human Era

12 January 2018 | US | Healthcare & Life Sciences

In Health IT Outcomes, Anton Dolgikh, Head of AI in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice at DataArt, discusses the diagnostic capabilities of modern AI, including the potential of AI-powered medical expert systems to curtail medical error, the third leading cause of death in the US.

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DataArt Provides Global Technology Outlook for 2018

Bankless Times runs DataArt’s tech predictions for 2018 across key industry sectors. Artificial intelligence, big data, cyber security, blockchain will dominate the financial industry landscape. Outstanding omni-channel customer experience will be key in the retail sector, with digitalization, e-commerce and automation continuing to augment retail business models. AR, VR, voice-recognition, and robotics are gaining weight in the travel and hospitality sector.

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Tech Talk: Around the Block

11 January 2018 | UK | Travel & Hospitality

Buying Business Travel Magazine speaks to travel industry experts about the dynamics and challenges of blockchain adoption in the travel sector. Andrew Sanders, VP of Travel & Hospitality at DataArt, emphasizes the importance of acquiring blockchain expertise, recommends an active exploration of the blockchain technology through POC (proof of concept) projects, and advises against adopting a variety of different systems.

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AI, Big Data, Digitisation, Blockchain: The fintech that will dominate 2018

10 January 2018 | UK | Finance Blockchain

In Bobsguide, Cliff Moyce, Head of Finance Practice at DataArt, shares his insight into technologies that will affect the financial services industry in 2018, predicting that AI and blockchain will dominate the market.

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