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The Art of Good Digitalization

2 August 2018 | US | Finance

Cliff Moyce, Global Head of the Finance Practice at DataArt, contributes a bylined article to Tab Forum on digitalization in the financial services and the barriers to its successful implementation, emphasizing a customer-centric approach as the key success factor in the digital era.

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Postcard from Tomorrow: What are the Limits of Possibility?

27 July 2018 | UK | Finance

Market FinTech’s RegTech Supplier Performance 2018 report features an article by Cliff Moyce, Global Head of the Finance Practice at DataArt. Moyce argues that AI technologies available right now can revolutionise our ability to manage risk, security, and compliance and thus significantly improve the stability and security of financial services and capital markets.

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Sales

26 July 2018 | UK | Retail & Distribution

In Raconteur, the special report for The Times, Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, discusses the impact of AI on the structure of sales and predicts that going forward there will be a greater need for consultants rather than product sellers.

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Neural Networks Are Still Black Boxes

25 July 2018 | Germany | Media & Entertainment

Medizin und elektronik interviewed Anton Dolgikh, Head of AI in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice at DataArt, who clarified the meaning of the term "AI" as it’s used in the healthcare context.

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How Can Exchanges Bring Institutional Money into Cryptocurrency Markets?

20 July 2018 | USA | Finance Blockchain

Nasdaq runs the second in a series of contributed articles by Cliff Moyce, Chairman of Advisory Board at DataArt, who discusses the reasons digital currency exchanges (DCE’s) are not ready for institutional investors, suggests steps for solving risk management issues, and proposes alternative...

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TradeTalks: Digital Currency Trends

18 July 2018 | US | Finance Blockchain

Alistair Wandesforde, Principal Consultant at DataArt, speaks with Jill Malandrino, Global Markets Reporter at Nasdaq, about digital currency trends, highlighting the barriers to institutional investors’ participation in the cryptomarket and noting the centralized exchanges’ strategies to reduce those barriers.

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GDPR: What Does It Mean for the Media Industry?

16 July 2018 | UK | Media & Entertainment

In a contributed byline for GDPR: REPORT, Sergey Bludov, SVP of Media and Entertainment at DataArt, discusses seven key rules that companies in the media industry should follow to ensure compliance with GDPR.

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Blockchain Technology Enters Hospitals

9 July 2018 | Germany | Healthcare & Life Sciences Blockchain

DataArt experts spoke with European Hospital, Germany’s leading media house dedicated to the European healthcare industry, about different ways blockchain can help hospitals with drugs and supply management, and the impact of gamification on patient engagement

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Can Big Data Analytics Save the eBook Market or is the Kindle Dwindle Impossible to Prevent?

3 July 2018 | UK | Media & Entertainment

ITProPortal features a bylined article by Sergey Bludov, SVP of Media and Entertainment at DataArt, who explores the potential impact of big data analytics on the publishing industry and discusses, the reasons for constrains in its adoption.

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Using Blockchain to Enable Supply Chain Transparency

In IoT for All, Igor Ilunin, Head of IoT at DataArt, explores how the decentralized, transparent, and secure nature of blockchain makes it an ideal solution for global supply chains.

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