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New Technologies as an Opportunity for Banking IT

25 October 2017 | Europe | Finance

In IT-Banker, a German finance journal, Alexei Miller, Managing Director at DataArt, comments on the prospects for change of IT in banks and fintech companies.

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Five Reasons Why IoT Benefits From Open Source

25 October 2017 | Europe | IoT/M2M

In Computerwelt, a German IT journal, DataArt is featured as one of the earliest creators of an open source IoT platform.

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DataArt Partners with Espressif to Deliver Complete IoT Solutions

23 October 2017 | US | IoT/M2M

IoT Now picks up the announcement of DataArt’s partnership with Espressif, a provider of ESP8266 and ESP32 chips that are used to add internet connectivity to devices. DataArt developed a custom DeviceHive firmware for Espressif’s ESP8266 chips that enables zero-configuration networking, supports a wide range of popular sensor devices and ensures direct connection with DeviceHive cloud service.

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Guest Post: Time to Think Smarter About Overtourism

20 October 2017 | UK | Travel & Hospitality

Charlotte Lamp Davies, VP of Travel & Hospitality Practice at DataArt Europe, talks to Travolution about the movement of locals to prevent ‘overtourism’ in a variety of destinations and shares her thoughts on how technology can be used to help alleviate the problem.

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DataArt Joins Biotechnology Association BIO Deutschland

18 October 2017 | Europe | Healthcare & Life Sciences

Technology Networks covers the announcement of DataArt joining BIO Deutschland, Germany's biotechnology industry association.

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The New Blockchain Trend That Could Transform Business

18 October 2017 | UK | Finance Blockchain

Fortune Magazine runs a bylined article by Denis Baranov, Principal Consultant at DataArt, where he explains the concept of ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and its impact. Baranov identifies key metrics such as total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies, the benefits of ICO, including seamless access to global finance and low barriers to entry for investors and notes the risks associated with lack of regulation.

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Denis Baranov of DataArt to Speak on Transparency and Privacy in Blockchain at the Real Time Club Event

17 October 2017 | UK | Finance Blockchain

Fintech Finance Magazine reports that Denis Baranov, Principal Consultant at DataArt, will lead the discussion ‘Blockchain: Transparency vs Privacy – Can we have both?’ at the Real Time Club in London on October 17, 2017.​

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What to Look for When Budgeting for 2018

17 October 2017 | US | Travel & Hospitality

Hospitality Net runs a bylined article on hotel technologies by Andrew Sanders, VP, Travel & Hospitality at DataArt. Sanders reviews specific tech trends in the hospitality industry and advises that a hotel’s choice of technologies should reflect its values and aspirations, commitment to guests and superior service.

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But If You Try Sometimes You Might Find Technology Gives You What You Need

11 October 2017 | UK | Other Industries Retail & Distribution

In Huffpost Tech UK, Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, questions the purpose of customer data analytics in retail, advocating a shift away from extrapolation of customer wants of today to understanding their needs of the future.

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How to Choose Your IoT Platform – Should You Go Open-Source?

10 October 2017 | US | IoT/M2M

In IoT for All Igor Ilunin, Head of the IoT Practice at DataArt, elaborates on 11 key criteria to help choose the right custom or open-source IoT platform and presents the math and cost analysis to compare open-source to serverless IoT platforms.

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