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DataArt Recognized as One of 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2018 by London Stock Exchange Group

17 May 2018 | UK | Finance

Global Banking & Finance Review Magazine runs the announcement of DataArt being recognized by London Stock Exchange Group as one of 1,000 companies to inspire Britain.

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Talking up Travel Industry ‘Chatbots’

17 May 2018 | US | Travel & Hospitality

The Washington Post runs a feature on travel bots and speaks with industry experts, including Greg Abbott, SVPof Travel and Hospitality at DataArt, who predicts a personalized, voice-based travel booking experience in the near future.

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Quo Vadis Driver-Assistance Systems?

15 May 2018 | Germany | IoT/M2M

In industry of, Igor Ilunin, Head of the IoT Practice at DataArt, views advanced driver-assistance systems as a stepping stone towards fully autonomous vehicles.

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Beyond Smart Speakers: What Can Voice Tech Really Do?

8 May 2018 | UK | Media & Entertainment

In ITProPortal, Sergey Bludov, SVP of Media and Entertainment at DataArt, examines the transformative potential of voice-activated tech and advises companies to start incorporating this emerging technology.

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Hack{IT}Over: Technical jury of the Talanx hackathon praises code quality

8 May 2018 | Germany | Finance

German IT Finanzmagazin covers the Hack{IT}Over Talanx hackathon in Hannover, where DataArt experts judged the technical competition.

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Machine Learning Models for Mere Mortals

30 April 2018 | Germany | IoT/M2M

In Digitale Welt Magazine, Rafael Zubairov, Senior Architect at DataArt, outlines approaches for using machine learning tools without dedicated software engineers or data science experts, and reviews the tools that make it possible.

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AI in Retail: Evolution not Revolution, DataArt

25 April 2018 | UK | Retail & Distribution

Igor Kaufman, AI technology expert at DataArt, speaks with Retail Technology Innovation Hub aboutcontinued AI evolution in retail, including increased usage of personalized data and advance of robotics.

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AI in Retail: First Movers and Laggards

24 April 2018 | UK | Retail & Distribution

Tech HQ examines the reasons for the slow adoption of AI in retail, despite its widely publicized benefits, offering commentary from Igor Kaufman, AI technology expert at DataArt.

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How DataArt's DeviceHive Works

23 April 2018 | Germany | IoT/M2M highlights DataArt’s open source IoT platform, DeviceHive, as an optimal solution for integrating internet-enabled devices.

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How AI Affects our Living Conditions

16 April 2018 | Germany | IoT/M2M

In, Igor Ilunin, Head of the IoT Practice at DataArt, examines the various uses of AI to improve our lives and cities.

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