The Future of Outsourcing

The Future of Outsourcing

DataArt is featured in Business Week magazine's cover story "The Future of Outsourcing". The article, "Angling to Be the Next Bangalore", highlights Russia as one of the emerging key players in the world IT market, and names several established players in the Russian segment, with DataArt among them. "Russia is also playing the near-shoring card, but it's aiming at high-end programming jobs. With its strong engineering culture dating to the Cold War, Russia is brimming with underemployed talent available at rates about one-fifth those in the U.S. A handful of local champions has emerged, including... a firm called DataArt Inc. that has engineers in St. Petersburg and a head office in New York."

DataArt is also listed among 15 Emerging Outsourcing Players worldwide based on the Gartner rating and as one of the four emerging players to watch from Eastern Europe.

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