PhocusWire PundIT Show - Episode 6

PhocusWirePundIT Show features Charlotte Lamp Davis, Vice President of Travel & Hospitality at DataArt, alongside Alex Kremer, co-founder of Redeam, and Sam Shank, CEO of HotelTonight, commenting on highlights of the PhocusWright Conference and the most important developments in travel.

"Blockchain is hardly a new concept to us and a new technology. We’ve developed it for a number of years. We are leveraging the skill set that has been developed in another practice to bring that into travel.

I think there has been for a long time a certain arrogance by the west to think that we are very superior and can do things better than in a lot of the other parts of the world. We are waking up to that. And I think that some of the Chinese companies that we’ve seen talk here and in the last couple of years, I think they are waking up a bit quicker than the west.”

Original interview can be seen here