Hotels not offering free Wi-Fi will lose out, DataArt debate hears

Travolution highlights the key points of a round table discussion on trends in the travel industry hosted by DataArt in London.

"Hotels not offering free Wi-Fi are at risk of losing customers, industry representatives told guests at a DataArt Question Time event.

The panel consisted of Gisbert; Hugo Burge, chief executive of the Momondo Group; Stuart Nassos, chief operating officer of Totalstay; Paul Godman, industry manager for travel at Google; and Dmitry Bagrov, senior vice president of DataArt.

All agreed that the concept of the “always connected traveller” was reliant on constant access to the internet which was not yet a reality. Issues discussed at the event included the high costs of data roaming, the importance of Wi-Fi, how companies interact with the trade and whether SEO was a fad."

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