Reducing The Cost Of Healthcare With Technology

12 June 2014 | USA | Healthcare & Life Sciences

Daniel Piekarz, Vice President of Life Sciences Business Development, contributes a byline article on various ways to cut healthcare costs with technology. Analyzing recent healthcare IT conferences, he states that while “were numerous solutions including many EHR, PMS, HIE, Population Management systems...

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Technical Challenges Along the Way to HIE Sustainability

20 May 2014 | USA | Healthcare & Life Sciences

Egor Kobelev of DataArt contributes a byline article to Electronic Health Reporter on the technical challenges of health information exchanges and analyzes some of the most effective approaches for solving them. “There are a lot of organizational and technical challenges health information exchanges...

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First came face recognition, now there's food recognition-for calorie counting

31 March 2014 | USA | Healthcare & Life Sciences

FierceBigData picks up the announce of DataArt ORANGE, and enthusiastically endorses the company’s R&D initiatives in technologies that support a healthy life style. “.. what we really want to do is count calories without actually counting them or typing a bunch of questionable numbers...

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Software development company throws its hat in the ring to try to passively track nutrition

28 March 2014 | USA | Healthcare & Life Sciences

Following DataArt’s announcement of DataArt ORANGE, MedCity News speaks with Eugene Goland about the role of automated food recognition and computer vision in nutrition tracking and healthy lifestyle. Of all the biometric data that health wearables and mobile apps can track, from miles...

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2014: The Year of Healthcare Big Data

20 January 2014 | USA | Healthcare & Life Sciences

By Daniel Piekarz Daniel Piekarz, VP of Life Sciences Business Development at DataArt, shares the 2014 trends with the Electronic Health Reporter. “The life sciences industry will be defined in 2014 by the growing market demand to apply newly developed technology, including big data analysis, to...

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EHR, ICD-10, HIE vendor selection news and updates

9 January 2014 | USA | Healthcare & Life Sciences

“DataArt expands Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice; establishes patient data automation system for New York State Health Homes project: DataArt, a custom software development firm that builds advanced solutions for select industries, today announced significant expansion of its global Healthcare...

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Healthcare Technology and Big Data Collide

28 October 2013 | Healthcare & Life Sciences

By Alexander Makeyenkov Following the news of DataArt completing a project for Complex Medical Expert (CME), Medical Design Technology requested that Alexander Makeyenkov, SVP at DataArt, elaborates on the trends in medical technology, specifically the use of spectral dynamics technology. “Spectral...

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Mobile Health Apps, Part 2: Making Life Safer and Sweeter

By Pam Baker TechNewsWorld runs a series of articles on the future of mobile in healthcare, noting that currently most consumer-oriented mobile healthcare apps provide information to the user vs. exchanging information with other parties. The magazine cites opinions of leading healthcare IT experts,...

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