DataArt: Strategic Advice and Technology Solution Design for Travel and Hospitality Sector

Greg Abbott, head of Travel & Hospitality at DataArt, explains the evolved needs of travelers and the industry's efforts to reinvent itself in order to "deliver a personalized "flawless" experience to increase increase customer satisfaction."

DataArt offers strategic advice and provides specific technology approaches that compress both time and complexity of delivering the right solution, translating to value for travel companies and, in the end, the traveler. “Our solutions and collaborative engagement models help solve the most burning issues for the hospitality sector, affirming our role as a true technology partner for the most discerning global brands,” adds Abbott. DataArt helps companies by integrating internal or external systems that power their business—reservations, sales systems, revenue management system, property management system, and even more systems for distribution companies, or large resorts and casinos.

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