AIFMD a Net Positive, Says Software Executive

AIFMD a Net Positive, Says Software Executive

By Jake Safane

Global Custodian speaks with Alexey Utkin, financial services practice leader at DataArt UK, to further discuss the benefits of a recently reduced AIFMD reporting tool by DataArt.

“There’s obviously a great need for transparency, and I think the entire financial system stability is actually sort of relying on this data being collected,” says Utkin. “I think reporting this data should allow the regulators, if the next crisis comes, to assess the stability and see where the systemic risk comes from.”

Yet part of the problem has been delays in EU member states transposing AIFMD into national laws, and some of the requirements were not clarified until recently, making it difficult for fund managers to get up to speed on meeting their data needs.

“The time pressure and change in requirements… is definitely a challenge. All fund managers have quite a different reality in terms of their data management systems, the structure of their companies…[and] some questions like when they need to report were not answered until [November], so that was not serving them [well],” says Utkin.

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