Adobe's Open Source Tightrope Walk

By Jack M. Germain

Linux Insider looks at different sides of Adobe's open source initiatives to assist and grow the developer community, and offers the opinion of Igor Uzhviev of DataArt.

"It is much easier for small organizations to go with open source than it is for big companies. Usually the words "open source" are associated with something of lesser quality that is not as reliable.

While that may have been true 10 to 15 years ago, open source has changed dramatically since then, suggested Igor Uzhviev, project manager and technical lead at DataArt.

"The trend now is that more and more companies are going to open source with a pay-for-support model. A striking recent example is Microsoft, which put C# compiler with many other tools to open source and opened the .NETfoundation website," Uzhviev told LinuxInsider."

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