The Pillars of DataArt’s Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is an invisible, yet essential element in a company DNA. Since DataArt’s early days, we cultivated a uniquely supportive culture, emphasizing trust and “People First” principle that fosters flat organizational structure and puts long-term relationships – within the company and with our clients – above short-term gain.

As our colleagues and partners share this unique culture, DataArt grows year after year, stands crisis-proof, and remains a great place to work. To sum up what makes us a special company, we interviewed DataArt’s stakeholders and corporate culture evangelists about the principles that underpin our unique way of doing business.

Interview with Alexander Makeyenkov, Managing Partner, DACH Business

I live in Switzerland, and, in terms of culture, DataArt reminds me of this country: it is built on the principles of diversity, independence and democracy. All opinions here are important, and residents express them in direct voting. It makes both the culture and economy here very successful and resilient. The same with DataArt.

Interview with Alexei Miller, Managing Director

We serve a broad spectrum of clients. Some really appreciate our approach. I do think that it definitely helps us keep clients. Our culture definitely influences the way we behave during the sales process: we are earnest, we are transparent, we are ‘what you see is what you get,’ no bait-and-switch.

Interview with Mikhail Zavileysky, Head of Organizational Development

DataArt runs on trust, so we don’t impose a raft of policies or micromanage our colleagues. I like to borrow a motto first coined by Google, “Don’t be evil.” We take great pride in our international and multicultural workforce, and we acknowledge our cultural differences. We created an environment where tolerance is a must.

Interview with Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director at DataArt UK

We show that we would make the best effort to understand what the client wants. It is quite hard to convey this in the beginning – to convince potential clients that our culture is one of the reasons to choose us. And yet we must be doing something right, as clients return to us. They make referrals all the time, too.


People First

Relationships are the foundation of a long-term value generation. We value our colleagues and are ready to invest in their professional development. We do not sacrifice the future for the sake of here-and-now profit.


We believe that technologies and engineering expertise will help humans build a better world for everyone. We integrate our engineering excellence with deeply human values (humanity over technologic excellence).


We like variety — it helps us and all humanity evolve. We defy dogmatism, we are ready to change ourselves along with the changing environment and our mindset for a greater benefit of the world.


We believe that people are free and responsible individuals. We find strength in empowerment and education instead of investing in bureaucracy and hierarchy. The role of leaders at DataArt is to set the stage for people to make own decisions.

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