New Technology Consulting

Cloud / NFV / SDN / MANO

DataArt specialists deliver private and hybrid cloud architecture, design, and implementation services. Bringing a wealth of multi-industry experience to every engagement.

The Telecom practice focuses on the challenges of migration to a software defined network (SDN). We have deep expertise in this domain and are contributors and participants of the ETSI NFV-SEC (Network Function Virtualization - Security) and ETSI OSM (Open Source MANO) groups.

NFV/SDN (Network Function Virtualization / Software Defined Networks) has emerged as the paradigm to transform Telecom networks by delivering cloud-style agility and innovation, with stronger economics. The industry is now facing a series of implementation and operational challenges with this technology. We help our clients understand these challenges and solve them. To deliver on the NFV/SDN promise.


Blockchain is a hot topic across most industries. It is currently being investigated, experimented with, and even deployed. Blockchain is a decentralized database with no single controlling authority and the potential for trust in decentralized environment. It’s a shared and replicated ledger, where every node / user is connected to the network and holds its entire snapshot. So transactions cannot be reverted. Its being considered for applications in contracts, settlements and payments, so naturally has much interest from the telecom industry.

There are some challenges around standards, security, performance, and regulation. Nevertheless, DataArt brings deep technical expertise and practical experiences. One DataArt project was for securities settlement which brought the benefits of reduced settlement time (from days to minutes), and disintermediated counterparties such as clearing houses which reduced costs. Another DataArt project was for GovCoin, a welfare payments distribution platform, architecture is shown opposite. Which reduced costs / fraud; and supported a broader and more modern range of payment methods, including mobile wallets.

Internet of Things and Machine to Machine

We cover the entire technology stack: hardware, firmware, big data, analytics, mobile, front-end, back-end, embedded, & protocols. With a five-year track record of successful projects delivering in industries such as Logistics, Healthcare, Clean Tech, Telecoms and Home Automation. DataArt’s new technology consulting offer combines both deep technical expertise and broad practical experience.

We prototype M2M / IoT solutions with our own communication platform: DeviceHive - an open source M2M communication platform. Our clients get new ideas to market fast and under their own control with respect to future development.

Projects include clinical research applications in continuous patient monitoring, electronic data capture, and sensors for vital-sign capture and treatment adherence confirmation. Pharma applications in inventory management, performance monitoring, and automated data uploads into the clinical data management system.

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