Solving the implementation and operational challenges of NFV / SDN in Telecom Networks

The Telecom Practice focuses on the challenges of implementing software defined networks (SDNs). We have deep expertise and are contributors and participants of the ETSI NFV-SEC (Network Function Virtualization - Security) and ETSI OSM (Open Source MANO) groups.

We understand the importance of making Telecom networks agile and efficient to meet the challenges of exponential capacity demands, and be able to create revenue streams with innovative services and new business models.

NFV/SDN (Network Function Virtualization / Software Defined Networks) have emerged as the paradigm to transform Telecom networks by delivering agility and innovation while reducing capital and operating expense requirements. The industry is now facing a series of implementation and operational challenges with this technology. Our focus is on solving these challenges and delivering successful transformation for the Telecom industry.


Engineering Services for Product Development

DataArt applies its telecom industry knowledge and expertise to design and build new software products. Our telecom professionals, analysts, and solution architects work closely with stakeholders: planning and realizing new products and product opportunities, elaborating requirements, and providing a complete set of services from idea and design to delivery and support. We deliver across stand-alone projects to team augmentation. Projects include: QA (Quality Assurance) automation, high performance packet processing, network and end-customer services, business and operational support systems, and data analytics. DataArt delivers across the telecom business.

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Transformation Services

Migrating from a legacy, siloed architecture to a modern, flexible, virtualized, multi-network, multi-site, multi-vendor architecture is not unique to Telcos. DataArt brings decades of experience with a hybrid TOGAF / Frameworx model to deliver transformation for faster time to market for new services, improved customer satisfaction, cost savings, end to end integration, and faster projects. DataArt’s hybrid on-site, near-shore and off shore delivery model provides the flexibility to support projects large or small.

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Multi-vendor, Multi-Network, Multi-Site Virtualization of Network Functions

DataArt’s deep implementation and operational NFV / SDN (Network Function Virtualization / Software Defined Networks) knowledge helps technology providers virtualize their network functions so they are complaint, secure, manageable and serviceable to across available MANOs. Virtualizing a network function is much more than designing the function to run on a cloud, that is the first step. Compliance, security, manageability and service assurance require deep NFV expertise, experience across available MANOs, and extensive practical virtualization expertise in telecom and high availability applications. DataArt virtualizes NFs that work securely and reliably in the field; that are compliant, manageable and serviceable; delivering on the NFV promise.

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Application Development and Management of Telecom Functions

ADM (Application Development and Management) is a core competence of DataArt. Within the Telecom Practice we focus on solving the implementation and operational challenge legacy BSS and OSS systems present for migration to NFV / SDN. We deliver both mediation solutions as well as BOSS transformation services. The scope of our ADM covers: Operational and Business Support Systems (OSS / BSS); Management and Network Orchestration (MANO); operational monitoring and performance analysis; converged networks - VoIP / Video / Data; Mobile Virtual Network Operators  (MVNO); Over The Top  (OTT) / IP solutions; and extending legacy systems from SS7 to IP.

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New Technology Consulting

Naturally, we have a focus on NFV / SDN / MANO given its importance to the telecom industry. We have many other competence centers such as: blockchain, machine to machine (M2M) / Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud architectures. Through the DataArt university and multi-industry experiences we provide technology consulting that delivers business results.

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