Warehouse Management Software

Manage your products from A to Z.

With customized software you will be able to handle the whole process across multiple warehouses.

Inventory management

  • Product tracking
  • Warehouse Management
  • Stock supervision
  • Inventory optimization
  • Stock replenishment
  • Real-time tracking and sharing across channels
  • Cross docking

Order fulfillment

  • Demand planning
  • Logistics planning
  • Inventory management automation
  • Order picking and packing
  • Shipment tracking software
  • Order routing across warehouses
  • Returns management


  • Shipment notifications
  • Shipment rule automation
  • Payment solution
  • Bulk shipment label generation
  • Invoice generation and management
  • Voice picking

Why choose DataArt?

  • 20+ of experience in retail including supply chain management, warehouse management, logistics, payments and so on.
  • A wide portfolio of Warehouse Management Software from the scratch.
  • Successful long-term relations with 90%+ retention.

Our retail team can help you with any warehouse management system whether you want to build it from scratch or customize existing one.

Case Studies


  • What is warehouse management?

    System that provides automation of business processes in the warehouse operation.

    Main goals of warehouse management system are:

    1. Warehouse management;
    2. Increase in the speed of picking goods;
    3. Obtaining accurate information about the location of the goods in the warehouse;
    4. Effective management of goods with limited shelf life;
    5. Obtaining a tool to improve efficiency and develop processes for handling goods in a warehouse;
    6. Optimization of the use of warehouse space.
  • How can DataArt help me with my warehouse management software?

    There are multiple ways DataArt can help. There are two scenario: 1. you need specific software, features or integrations, 2. you have general enquiry and need a consultation.

    In first case, we will define scope and deadlines. After that our team will start to work as soon as possible.

    In second case, we will have a design thinking meet up and discovery phase. After that we will define scope and start development.

  • What is inventory optimization?

    Inventory Optimization is a balance between money invested and ROI. It is used to solve two types of problems: what inventory should be in each warehouse, and where this inventory should be located.

    Without inventory optimization, companies usually set inventory targets based on rudimentary rules or calculations performed at the same level. The former usually define target stocks in days of coverage. In single-tier calculations, an individual item is checked in one place and the amount of inventory needed to meet demand is calculated.

  • What is stock replenishment?

    Stock replenishment is when inventory moves through the supply chain from manufacturer to supplier to warehouses at the right time to maintain inventory at an optimal rate through efficient fill rates. It helps prevent costly inventory overstocking.

  • What is cross docking?

    Cross docking is the process of acceptance and shipment of goods through the warehouse directly, without placing in a long-term cargo.

    Cross-docking is a set of logistics operations within the supply chain, due to which the shipment from the warehouse and delivery of goods as accurately as possible in time. As a result, the products are delivered on time.

  • How to optimize order picking and packing?

    It depends on your software and robotics automations. Usually, the best way is to automate it

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