Minimize the impact of global and local events on your supply chain.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Comprehensive automation of warehousing, order and inventory management

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Execute every process throughout the supply chain and procurement

ERP and CRM systems

Manage all processes in the organization and improve customer journey

Digital Twins

Create a digital replica of entity

Payments and Gateway

Create a flexible payment system

Data Management and Cloud

Manage data in a smart way

Custom IoT

Bespoke technology to reduce costs and improve performance

Demand Planning and Forecasting

AI/ML to predict, analyze, and gain insights

Augmented Teams

Hire a team of professionals

Predictive Maintenance

Forecast equipment condition

Logistics Solutions

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  • How to choose the right supply chain management software?

    Gather requirements from all related department and create a dashboard where everybody can see the needs of company. It will help you to understand how much your company can spend and what kind of software you need.

    Usually, companies need these features:

    1. Electronic document management systems (EDI).
    2. Various software tools for organizing and conducting trades.
    3. Software systems that support supplier selection processes.
    4. Monitoring processes of goods movement between suppliers and the trading network, financial settlements between the retailer and suppliers
    5. All kinds of software tools for solving personal marketing problems, allowing to organize promotion in the supply chain.
  • How to secure supply chain management system (SCMS)?

    Writing a good supply chain management system usually takes a lot of time and effort from the IT department. Most companies have no idea how easy their programs can be hacked. The standard time required to crack a program with errors in the protection usually does not exceed 5 minutes.

    That’s why it is essential to implement protection for the following pieces:

    • Object Code Vulnerability Analysis
    • Security management and risk assessment
    • Software and database security
    • Cryptographic algorithms and protocols
    • Incident and event management
    • Malicious software
    • IDS and firewalls
    • Network security and web application
    • Mobile security
  • How supply chain software differ from logistics software?

    All activities related to procurement, acquisition, conversion and logistics management are included in supply chain management and usually has a lot of bespoke software, out-of-the-box software and a lot of 3d partiesintegration.

    First of all, it covers coordination and cooperation with parties as suppliers, resellers, distributors and customers. Logistics management software is a small part of supply chain management that effectively manages assets.

  • How to improve supply chain planning software to optimize costs?

    The system should implement matrix, marketing technologies for the analysis of sales and presents both statically and dynamically various indicators of the functioning of the company's logistics system.

    Integration of marketing, sales, warehouse, and logistics analytics within one analytical platform provides a unified analytical space for company management, which significantly improves the coordination of the work of various departments and services. All this creates the prerequisites for obtaining competitive advantages and turning the retailer into an analytical competitor thus creating more sales.

    From a software perspective, it is important to understand why, what and when. Why you need this software, what do you need to implement it and when you plan to get your ROI.

  • How much does a supply chain planning/Supply chain management software cost?

    It depends, good software can cost from 3000$ to 1 000 000$ per month. The most optimal choice here is to talk to a professional, it will help your company to understand what exactly you need and how it can benefit your supply chain.

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