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Logistics Solutions and Legacy Modernization

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Workforce Management

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Predictive Analytics

AI/ML algorithms for forecasting

Route Optimization

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Inventory Planning and Management

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Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Comprehensive automation of warehousing

Data Management and Cloud

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Augmented Teams

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Supply Chain Solutions

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  • How to choose the right logistics software?

    Logistics software is designed for complex automation of transport logistics. Software should allow you to create tasks for transportation, plan routes in manual and automatic mode, monitor operations online, analyze KPIs and delivery profitability. The best way is to talk to consultants or to gather requirements from logistics managers to understand their needs and make market research to find the most suited software.

  • How to optimize warehouse logistics software?

    Warehouse logistics software includes the optimization of logistics in the warehouse, this includes the introduction of targeted storage of goods, product sorting and ranking, shelf or cell assignment with its own identification number and many more.

    The most important thing is that it would be easy to quickly enter all the goods into the logistics system, at the same time not to interfere with other employees and not create a queue of both customers and your own transport at the receiving/shipment terminal. Also, the actual balances must match the serial number and characteristics and other data identifying the goods entered in the accounting system.

  • How to optimize transportation logistics software?

    To optimize your transportation logistics software it is essential to focus on these components:

    1. Electronic documents must be seamless to manage within the system. Create documents according to your standards and exchange them with transport companies or inside company has to be easy.
    2. Logistics report and control must be accessible to every layer of your organization. Get reliable data from reports should be in one click: from the receipt of an order from any department.
    3. Integration with outside systems and exchange the necessary information with your internal systems: CRM, BI, Analytics, Warehouse Management System, Workforce Management, etc.
  • What are the best logistics solutions?

    There is no leading software on the market. But everything very much depends on the needs of the company. The most famous logistics software companies are SAP, Oracle, Blue Yonder, Manhattan.

  • What is the workflow of logistics software development?

    This usually depends on the company’s needs. But in general, the structure of creating software from scratch or developing an existing program is carried out in order:

    1. Requirements analysis
    2. Software design
    3. Implementation
    4. Testing
    5. Integration
    6. Deployment
    7. Maintenance
  • How logistics software differ from supply chain software?

    Logistics software integrates the movement and service of goods inside and outside the organization. Supply chain software coordinates and manages supply chain activities through the whole chain. Some companies need a whole system, some need just some parts from logistics or supply chain.

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