Cloud Retail Technologies

The main directions of retail digitalization are automation, omnichannel and analytics of customer behavior. These changes are not possible without an IT infrastructure adapted to fast operation, scalability and real-time data analysis.

Our experts help retailers to leverage robust infrastructure and innovative services for digital transformation:


  • assistance in implementation, setting up applications and services
  • consulting
  • integration, development
  • support
  • managed services

Client analytics

  • analysis of customer preferences
  • demand modeling
  • video analytics
  • analysis of physical and online traffic
  • feedback from the buyer in retail outlets

An innovative customer experience

  • digital ceiling
  • sales robots
  • AR / VR advertising


  • virtual cash register
  • buyer's application
  • new forms of payment
  • smart cart

Motivating customers and increasing demand merchandising

  • Digital Signage, AR / VR
  • personal offers at the shelf
  • personalization of the online offer
  • Vendings with samples
  • chatbots for consulting

Logistics and storage

  • building efficient supply chains
  • logistics management systems
  • inventory management systems in stores
  • warehouse robotization

Work with personnel and HR

  • analytics systems: video, speech, tracking
  • employee performance analysis
  • mobile staff
  • robotization of personnel processes, chatbot for recruitment
  • HR kiosk for processing documents and inquiries

Innovative retail infrastructure

  • Data Lake, DWH, ETL / ELT, Big Data
  • machine analysis and artificial intelligence
  • hot data processing
  • integration with legacy systems
  • IoT


Simple extension

When your IT infrastructure is based in the cloud, it is easy for you to expand the sphere of influence of the retail network; it easily expands to other cities and regions, and new sales markets open up.

Flexible business management tools

The widespread adoption of automation, which allows the implementation of cloud-based IT services, simplifies strategic planning, inventory management and marketing campaigns within a large retail network.

Multichannel sales

IT consolidation allows you to promote products in parallel on online and offline platforms. Clients independently choose the optimal channel for buying: online or offline.

Our Approach

  • Assessment and Planning

    Your transition to the cloud operating model starts with a comprehensive assessment of your infrastructure, applications, and processes. We will work with you to carefully analyze IT estate and your business objectives, and plan your journey to the cloud that is aligned with your most urgent business priorities and organizational capabilities.

  • Migration

    Some of your applications may be simply re-hosted on the cloud infrastructure, without any changes to the application code. This strategy may benefit organizations that need to migrate legacy workloads out of their data centers to meet a specific deadline, or just want to get to the cloud quickly in the least complex manner.

    While the lift-and-shift approach does not unlock the deeper capabilities, cost efficiency, and value of the cloud, it can be a first step in the cloud transformation journey followed by gradual optimization of the applications and deeper utilization of cloud-native services.

  • Application Modernization (Re-engineering)

    Reengineering involves deeper changes to the application architecture and code, e.g. transforming a monolithic application into a microservices (or serverless) architecture to enable its further evolution over time and/or ease its’ integration with other systems. This approach enables deeper integration with cloud-native capabilities and services and helps maximize flexibility, agility, and scalability.

  • Cloud-native Development

    Systems that take full advantage of the capabilities of the cloud achieve optimal scalability, cost efficiency, and agility (ability to be changed quickly to test ideas and respond to opportunities). Cloud-native solutions are usually built as microservices, either packaged in containers or using serverless architectures, and managed through agile DevOps processes and continuous delivery workflows.

    DataArt designs and delivers cloud-native solutions that achieve critical business outcomes for our clients. In the process, we also help upskill their in-house teams by introducing cloud-specific competencies, modern DevOps automation and tooling, and technical best practices.

Full support of the cloud solution from start to launch

Consulting services and cloud strategy preparation

We help you design and plan your cloud strategy implementation that meets your needs.

Implementation and migration support

We offer support services throughout the entire project.

Application and data integration

We will integrate all applications and data into your environment and create the foundation for a smooth operation.

Application Management Services

We monitor the status of your processes and applications and offer our support on demand.

Optimization and improvement services

We keep your systems and applications running optimally and make changes to your cloud architecture as needed.

Cloud service management

We help you with a system, so users will be able to work with data at any time.

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