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Apple Leisure Group

DataArt reverse-engineered and updated one of the legacy systems for Apple Leisure Group, a vertically-integrated American travel and hospitality conglomerate.


We helped Skyscanner, a travel metasearch engine, to advance and streamline its white label product that allows users on other sites to search, compare, and book flight options.


DataArt was a part of the developer network for Travelport, the world’s leading Travel Commerce Platform providing distribution, technology, payment and other solutions for the global travel and tourism industry.

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Renee Tsielepi Head of IT for eBusiness, Miki Travel
We have a valued and trusted partnership with DataArt.
Filip Filipov VP Product Management, Skyscanner
Thanks to our partnership with DataArt we’ve been able to achieve our goal of making our white label product easy to use.
Sam MacDonnell CTO, HotelTonight
HotelTonight found a partner in DataArt who can provide travel expertise while also augmenting the team.
Ron Rich Chief Information Officer, The Parking Spot
Working with DataArt allowed us to successfully execute our core systems development.
Jennifer Smith Chief Product Owner, Hospitality Retailing, Travelport
We chose DataArt to validate a POC involving complex hotel content sourcing and shopping via a new agent application. DataArt is now assisting us in bringing this product to market.
Emma Hamlin COO/CTO, GroundScope
DataArt proved to be a trusted technology partner who helped us to launch the new version of our car booking application.

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