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Travel Content Management Systems (CMS)

Boost Bookings with Good Product Description and Destination Guide

Content gathering is an important step in any marketing strategy for hoteliers, as well as for product and service companies in travel & hospitality sector. Content Management is a continuous process of creation, adjustment, replacement and personalization of an inventory; and every company wants to maximize the ROI of the process.

There is a wide range of CMS products available on the market but it is often difficult to choose the one that meets specific requirements, since the market is continuously changing and so should CMS systems.

If we look closely at a recent past, it is clear that first CMSs were limited to enabling the management of only free text and graphics. As the Internet evolved and data transfer algorithms improved, serious websites demanded adaptive design, video on demand and other widgets. As content needs to be personalized based on the user’s locations and travel preferences based on different sources, such as like loyalty programs software and social a CMS has to be adaptable accordingly. A product can become outdated just in a year or so even if the product’s manufacture continues to expand the system’s functionality: their business vision can be different from yours or fall behind the market curve, resulting in potential revenue loss.

DataArt’s team has accumulated a solid expertise in building custom CMS. Many of our solutions helped customers create and manage a variety of digital content, including descriptions, graphics, databases, and videos.

The list of features include:

  • Destination management
  • Multiple languages
  • Multiple content sources
  • Duplicate detection
  • Publishing workflow

Tailored to clients’ entire business requirements and processes, they support various page layouts and can be surfed by desktops, mobile and table devices, integrated with Facebook, Twitter and other third party systems. Being highly functional and easy-to-use, such products fully support future development and are flexible in customization. Last, but not least, the IP always belongs to the customer.

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