Revenue Management Solutions

Maximize Revenue from Your Inventory via Flexible Pricing Strategy

A revenue management system is highly important for any hotelier as it allows to monitor hotels’ rates through several channels and to use them for optimizing pricing strategies.

The revenue management system works as follows:

  • Stores responses from reservation systems every time an end-user looks for a hotel
  • Transfers received statistics to an external database
  • Analyzes the data, helping to optimize pricing strategy

Revenue management systems use GDS and major OTAs as data sources and provide data visualization with charts and diagrams as well as modules for price forecasting.

Although there is a variety of revenue management systems, it is often difficult to choose one which would best meet all of client’s specific requirements. This is why, most of the times, the systems need to be tailored for each client individually.

Thanks to its extensive experience in building custom revenue management solutions, DataArt develops functional, effective and easy-to-use solutions. Additionally, the revenue management system can be either integrated into the hotelier’s core system or operate as a separate module without affecting the performance of the core system.

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