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Hotel Inventory Management and Distribution Solutions

We Build Integrated Solutions for Hoteliers

Large hotels and hotel chains heavily invest into building IT infrastructure to automate operations and improve property financial performance. A variety of vendors market off-the-shelf products to manage, merchandise and distribute hotel inventory (at single- or multi-property facilities). Hoteliers may choose to buy a bundled solution from a single vendor or integrate products from multiple vendors. The latter is a rather common scenario as a single vendor can rarely excel in multiple areas.

Integrating separate products into a solid system often requires specific skills and knowledge that a hotel's IT team might not have, and that's where DataArt can help: our engineers have extensive knowledge of the travel domain which allows us to tie different pieces into a coherent working solution.

DataArt has a vast experience in integrating all types of subsystems used by the hospitality industry, including:

  • Property Management System (PMS)
  • Point of Sale System (POS)
  • Revenue Management System (RMS)
  • Channel Management System (CMS)
  • Central Reservation System (CRS) and Hotel Reservation System (HRS)
  • Global Distribution System (GDS)
  • Internet Booking Engine (IBE)

The hoteliers who can’t find a boxed product matching their requirements can engage DataArt to develop a custom solution tailored to their specific business needs.

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