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How do Sportsbooks Act in Uncertain Times?

18 November 2021 | US | Media

iGB North America publishes an article by Russell Karp, Vice President, Media & Entertainment at DataArt, examining how the biggest US sportsbooks handle unexpected changes to events, with a deep dive into house rules. Karp recommends following their lead and compares the strategies of DraftKings, FanDuel,...

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Live-Streamed Auctions: A New Way of Bringing Trophy Art to the Masses

8 November 2021 | Blog

Live streaming is slowly but surely becoming an essential component for art auctions due to the nature of our times. Doron Fagelson explores the new possibilities this technology brings to the horizon for the art industry....

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Crypto Sports Betting for the Big Win

3 November 2021 | Blog

With faster transactions, lower fees, and enhanced security, crypto sports betting seems to be a lucrative investment for any betting provider. But is it really that beneficial? Let's look under the hood of cryptocurrency betting and uncover all the pros and cons of this approach for your business....

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Bridging the Gaps in Music Streaming with Data Pipelines

21 October 2021 | Blog

Digital music is data, and there is no question that data about music is the most valuable resource for all parties in the music business. From streaming services and other DSPs to musicians and record labels, the collection, analysis, and application of data lives at the center of all music industry...

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The Interview: Sol Rashidi About the Evolution of Data Analytics

26 August 2021 | Blog

Sol Rashidi, a data scientist and a top innovator in data & analytics, talks to DataArt about digital tools, shared her ideas on how data analytics evolved, and what role can talent mean in the tech world....

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Sports Betting Trends Heading the US Market in 2021 & Beyond

19 August 2021 | Blog

The growing affinity of people towards betting, constant upgrades, and technological innovations give rise to new sports betting trends. In this article, we gathered the notable trends that will empower the market, optimize your whole betting package, and help you achieve great heights shortly....

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Has the Pandemic Given a New Lease of Life to the Art Gallery Business?

16 August 2021 | Blog

Will the art market go back to its pre-pandemic workflow, or is the change irrevocable? This is the question many art entities find themselves pondering. Doron Fagelson is here to provide some clarity with his latest article....

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Music Streaming Industry’s Race to the Hearts of Listeners & Artists

30 July 2021 | Blog

The more music streaming becomes mainstream, the harder platforms fight to obtain and retain listeners. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to see platforms like SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify take steps to set them apart and loot new customers. Read as Sergey Bludov unpacks the various approaches...

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The Interview: Ken Umezaki About Navigating the Music Industry in the "Access" Era Through Blockchain

20 July 2021 | Blog

Ken Umezaki, CEO of Verifi, shares with DataArt his thoughts about the changes that digital world brought for the musicians and artists, who really owns the IP rights, and why blockchain is the best choice for data management in the music industry....

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4 Effective Customer Acquisition Tactics for Your Sports Betting Business

28 June 2021 | Blog

As legal sports betting has expanded to more states and generated dramatic revenue, more players are trying to enter the market. In this article, we outline effective customer acquisition strategies to grow your sportsbook at a viral rate....

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