IoT Insights

  • Will Smart Parking Systems Help City Dwellers Find A Spot?

    23 January 2019 | Blog

    Finding a parking spot can be a nightmare. For locals and tourists alike, parking poses a major challenge in every city, commonly resulting in tremendously frustrating drives around the block over-and-over again searching for somewhere to leave their car. According to the United Nations,...

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  • IoT Trends 2019

    4 January 2019 | Germany | Media covers DataArt’s IoT predictions for 2019, including the proliferation of edge computing, resurgence of big tech players, the intensification of cybersecurity efforts, and the impact of 5G networks.

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  • IoT Becomes Self-Evident

    20 December 2018 | Germany | Media
        <p>The German media portal <em></em> shares DataArt’s predictions for IoT in 2019, including the resurgence of big tech players and market consolidation, the 5G rollout, advances in edge devices, and the race to tackle security.</p>
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  • DataArt cooperates with R3

    17 December 2018 | Germany | Media covers the announcement of DataArt’s partnership with R3 to build blockchain solutions on Corda distributed ledger platform.

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  • DataArt Predicts IoT Goes Mainstream in 2019

    13 December 2018 | UK | Media

    UC Today shares DataArt’s predictions for IoT in 2019, including the 5G rollout, increasing power and capabilities of edge devices, resurgence of big tech players and the race to tackle security.

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  • IoT Goes Mainstream

    12 December 2018 | Germany | Media, runs DataArt’s predictions for IoT in 2019, noting the increasing power and capabilities of edge devices, automotive industry’s shift towards data-driven business models, significant investment in automotive data analysis, and 5G rollout that will unlock the true potential of IoT devices.

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  • DataArt Predicts that in 2019 Key Technologies Will Leap Into the Mainstream

    4 December 2018 | US, UK, all locations | Press Release

    LONDON, NEW YORK – 4 December 2018 – Global technology consultancy DataArt today released its predictions for technology trends in 2019, road-mapping the areas that will see a significant growth. “The scene has been set for the 2019 technology landscape to evolve at unprecedented...

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  • The Integration of Smart Parking with Automated Technologies

    29 November 2018 | Blog

    If you’re a city dweller, you know that parking can be a nightmare. As if the traffic congestion wasn’t enough of an obstacle for arriving at your appointment on time, finding a suitable place to leave your car sometimes takes as long as the commute itself. And with the population of...

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  • DataArt’s Blockchain Charity Gambling Platform Wins First Prize

    26 November 2018 | Germany | Media reports on DataArt winning the First Prize in the Malta Blockchain Summit Hackathon 2018, the world’s largest blockchain event.

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  • Da Vinci Capital Invests in Global Technology Consultancy DataArt

    19 November 2018 | US | Media

    Yahoo! Finance writes that Da Vinci Capital acquired a substantial, non-controlling interest in DataArt.

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