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Key hotel mechanical systems like air conditioning, elevators, heaters, thermostats, water chillers, sprinkler systems and more will eventually offer IoT enabled models. However, 3 areas of hotels in particular – Energy Management, Environmental Monitoring & Building Automation/Monitoring - could create opportunities that will drive costs down and guest satisfaction up:

  • Build interfaces for IoT devices (air conditioning, elevators, heaters, thermostats, water chillers) to your hospitality management systems.
  • Develop monitoring systems that can notify various staff members when IoT devices detect an “event”.
  • Help aggregate the data that reported via IoT devices (temperature, humidity, noise, vibration, proximity, on/off state, etc.) and feed it into a reporting system.
  • Consult on how to structure “big data” analytics that combines disparate data sources, including data points reported by IoT devices, and create analysis that will help optimize your operations and guide your capital investment strategy based on actual data -- not guesstimates, assumptions or gut-feel.
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